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Orca Barrel Oak Wood Grain Drink Tumbler Review

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This item is made from your typical industry standard 18/8 Stainless Steel with seamless inner wall. There are a few things that set this apart from the other standard offerings from the major brands in this category. The main one is the way it looks. It’s shaped like a bourbon barrel and my review sample had the oak barrel print applied to it (it is also available in a plain stainless finish as well). There are two rubber gasket rings that wrap around the glass that provide a bit of drop protection and also double as the “hoops” that keep a typical bourbon barrel held together. It’s a nice look.

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The Magic Flask Review

In Drinking Accessory Reviews by Lee Stang5 Comments

The Magic Flask is a stainless steel flask that uses technology related to bioresonance. The flask is specially tuned with electromagnetic waves so that water molecules within liquid placed inside will be qualitatively changed. As far as how the technology works, that is about all the explanation that comes with the flask. The flask instructions state that it works best with spirits.

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Brookstone Iced Mule Mug Review

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OK, I will admit, I am a gadget guy. Having a technical background I am fascinated by new ideas and clever devices. Also, since people know I’m a spirits guy when people look to gift me, it is not unusual to get some booze related stuff. That is how I ended up with the Brookstone Iced Mule Mug. Watching a neighbor’s pooch for the weekend, a nice little gift as a thank you (Thanks Jon and Jin).

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Corridor Bar Review

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It all started innocently enough. You and a few friends took a trip to Kentucky to visit the Bourbon Trail and on the way back you decided to stock up on a few bottles of bourbon that you couldn’t buy locally. It was only six bottles. Six bottles that you were able to easily slip into the kitchen cabinet where you stored your mostly used bottles of vodka, tequila, and Captain Morgan. It all fit easily. Nothing to worry about.

Six months later you find yourself lining up bottles of bourbon on top of your counter, pushed to the back, trying to keep them out of the way of daily kitchen duties. What was once six easily hidden bottles of bourbon has morphed into a budding collection of roughly 15 bottles with various fill levels. The countertop storage provides quick and easy access to your booze but others who come by for a visit are a bit concerned at the ever increasing line-up of whiskey competing for counter space. No problem. You’ll just go buy yourself an Ikea bookshelf to hold your bourbon so it’s “out of the way”. Nothing to worry about.

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Hydro Flask Rocks Tumbler Review

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I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the new 10 oz rocks tumblers that Hydro Flask is coming out with as part of their new drink ware line releasing on February 1, 2017. The product line includes a 10 oz rocks tumbler, a 22 oz tumbler, and a 32 oz tumbler.

I knew it was only a matter of time before Hydro Flask came out with a line of drink ware to compete with others in the market. There are a few differences between the Hydro Flask and Yeti offerings which I consider the other big player in the stainless vacuum sealed market segment.

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HyperChiller Review

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I am a coffee lover. I cannot get through the day without coffee. Hot coffee. I am essentially never an iced coffee person but when I started dating my boyfriend – who is a diehard iced coffee drinker – I began having to make concessions to satisfy both of our caffeinated preferences. (Pro tip: if you have leftover drip hot coffee, let it cool then pour into an ice cube tray – I use the blah blah blah red one I have – and use the coffee cubes to keep iced coffee cold without watering it down.)

When asked if I would try out the HyperChiller – designed to turn regular coffee into cold coffee quickly – I jumped at the opportunity. It works perfect for coffee and does chill a hot cup of coffee to cold temps in just a few minutes. (I find it takes about 2 minutes for a really cold cup.) Just pour coffee into the lid and wait a few minutes. However, this cooling efficiency made me think that there was more opportunity for this contraption. And HyperChiller was already on it: chilling spirits and wine.

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How Valuable is that Drop of Cube in your Whiskey?

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You’ve spent your hard-earned money on that bottle of whiskey. You want to really enjoy the experience as the Master Distiller intended. You want to open up the hidden flavors, so you add a bit of water or ice. If you’re adding ice, maybe you’ve got one of those fancy ice ball molds. Spheres are all the rage now. Plus, using fancy molded ice sure beats breaking your teeth on whiskey stones!

Before you add a splash or some rocks to your whiskey, have you given any thought to the water you’re using?

Water impurities can interact with your whiskey and change the flavor. Too much dissolved solids, chemicals, or mineral content in the water leaves you tasting something other than water, and that will leave you tasting something other than whiskey.