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Thank God for Bourbon, Chocolate & Art Eatables

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Long-time readers of Bourbon & Banter may recall a post I did months ago singing the praises of Art Eatables’ bourbon truffles. They were, and still are, the best bourbon chocolates I’ve ever eaten. But what’s even more impressive about Art Eatables is how founders, Kelly and Forest, have taken their love of bourbon and chocolate and built a business that is truly in sync with what’s going on within the bourbon industry. I’ve watched their progress over the last 12+months as they went from a home-based operation to opening a store (always a risky move) and building relationships with …

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Bourbon Truffles – Proof that God Exists

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Maybe it’s the Catholic upbringing but I feel the need to make a confession.  I’ve never been a fan of liquor infused chocolates or candy. Whether it’s liquor cordials or bourbon balls I can’t say that I’ve been a fan. I’ll eat them but you won’t find me seeking them out or every claiming to have a “hankering” for them. So when I was contacted by Kelly at Art Eatables asking me if I’d be interested in sampling her Bourbon Truffles I was a little concerned. I love doing reviews and sharing my opinions with others but I prefer to be able …