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Thank God for Bourbon, Chocolate & Art Eatables

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Long-time readers of Bourbon & Banter may recall a post I did months ago singing the praises of Art Eatables’ bourbon truffles. They were, and still are, the best bourbon chocolates I’ve ever eaten. But what’s even more impressive about Art Eatables is how founders, Kelly and Forest, have taken their love of bourbon and chocolate and built a business that is truly in sync with what’s going on within the bourbon industry. I’ve watched their progress over the last 12+months as they went from a home-based operation to opening a store (always a risky move) and building relationships with …

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Ice Ball Mold for Perfect Ice Spheres

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We’re big fans of ice balls and molds here at Bourbon & Banter. And this prosumer model from Japan is no exception. While the cost is a bit high for our budget at $180, it might just be perfect for those of you who do a lot of entertaining or own a small bar. They state that you can make up to 30-40 ice balls in an hour. And they offer shapes ranging from the traditional sphere to diamonds, soccer balls and baseballs. If anyone has one of these or has used one in the past let us know how …

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The Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

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I don’t personally find myself in need of a cocktail shaker very often but next time I do I’d like to have the Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker on hand. I came across this the other day on Kickstarter I knew I had to share with everyone on Bourbon & Banter. It’s such a simple and awesome idea it makes you wonder why no one came up with this before. Instead of wasting item reading details here, head on over to the Kickstarter project page and find out more. They’ve already blown past their goal of $5,000 so they’ve clearly struck …

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Roller Rocks Glass

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Welcome to Wednesday, everyone! Just a quick product discovery to share with you all today. I hope you enjoy. The Roller Rocks Glass comes with its own silicone mold for making the perfect 2″ ice ball and has a protrusion in the bottle of the glass that allows you to swirl the ice ball around the inside of your glass. The effect is your bourbon gets chilled while others get hypnotized by the calm and gentle swirling motion. I’m a sucker for a cool ice mold and unique glass for drinking my bourbon. I might just grab one of these …

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Introducing The Cube Tube

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Last week’s intense heat reinforced my belief that sometimes you just cant’ beat having a glass of bourbon on the rocks. I realize that many of you will scoff at the notion of ice and bourbon together in a glass but for those of you that enjoy a few rocks to chill your whiskey, I’d like to introduce you to Quirky’s newest twist on the ice cube tray – the Cube Tube. Here are the details from their website: Cube Tube is a vertical ice cube tray that prevents you from spilling water while transporting a full tray of water …

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The Great American Flask

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I’ve been psyching myself up to do my tasting review of Jefferson’s Ocean this evening so I hadn’t planned on a formal post for today. However, I shared a link on Twitter the other day for the Great American Flask produced by Jacob Bromwell and based on some of the feedback I received I thought I’d share it with everyone on the blog as well. Here are a few product details from their website: 100% handmade to order using traditional processes 9 0z. capacity is perfect for containing bourbon and whiskey Made of pure, solid copper and hot-tinned on the inside using …

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Bourbon Truffles – Proof that God Exists

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Maybe it’s the Catholic upbringing but I feel the need to make a confession.  I’ve never been a fan of liquor infused chocolates or candy. Whether it’s liquor cordials or bourbon balls I can’t say that I’ve been a fan. I’ll eat them but you won’t find me seeking them out or every claiming to have a “hankering” for them. So when I was contacted by Kelly at Art Eatables asking me if I’d be interested in sampling her Bourbon Truffles I was a little concerned. I love doing reviews and sharing my opinions with others but I prefer to be able …