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Leiper’s Fork Distillery

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Leiper’s Fork has long been a tourist destination for residents and visitors to Nashville with its laid back country vibe, idyllic setting, and celebrity draw. If you’re heading to Leiper’s Fork to check out Puckett’s Grocery’s open mic night or for breakfast at the Country Boy restaurant, you need to drive a little further down the road to check out Leiper’s Fork Distillery. Brought back to life by proprietor and master distiller Lee Kennedy, Leiper’s Fork Distillery is a sight to behold and is worth the trip to see the buildings and grounds even if you are not into whiskey.

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Talkin’ Whiskey, History, And Life At Pinckney Bend Distillery

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A trip to a small, unassuming river town on the Lewis and Clark trail, about an hour outside of St Louis MO, in between the popular destinations of Washington and Hermann, led us to an equally unassuming storefront that is home to Pinckney Bend Distilling. Pinckney Bend is a craft distillery launched in 2010 by three beer-brewing friends who happened to also love spirits and wanted to get in on the front end of the curve of craft distilling. And get in they did.

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A Visit with Tenn South Distillery

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Tenn South was founded by Clayton Cutler and Blair Butler, an engineer, and a doctor respectively. While they had long talked about the idea of opening a distillery one day, the change in Tennessee laws that allowed distilleries in 41 new counties spurred them into action in 2011 after several years of research. They purchased 28 acres and a pot still, spent two years learning everything they could about distilling, and finally began production in 2013. Tenn South currently makes Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey, All Purpose Moonshine, Abernathy Gin, Black Mule Vodka, and a variety of flavors of moonshine.

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Visiting the A. Smith Bowman Distillery

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“A. Smith Bowman Distillery Old Reston Avenue.”

That is the title of this painting by Doris Kidder that has hung all winter, in the hall outside of our company office in Leesburg, VA. I was aware the Bowman Distillery was once located in Reston, VA since I bought my first bottle of Bowman Brothers Small Batch Bourbon several years ago. Also, my wife and I had the pleasure to meet and talk with former Master Distiller Truman Cox at Whiskyfest New York in 2012, just a few months prior to his sudden death. We had a trip coming up to Savannah, and we figured on the way south we would stop at the distillery for a tour.

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Striped Pig Distillery Visit

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As many of us know, a few things are required to make a bourbon a bourbon: 51% corn, new charred oak barrels, minimum and maximum proofs, and time. For a new, fledgling distillery, time is not always on your side. We see many younger distillers – and good ones – sourcing juice from other distilleries with larger, older stores of product while they wait for their distillate to age long enough to produce something more drinkable. Sure, technically you can throw white dog into a new charred oak barrel and pour it out a few days later and call it bourbon, but it will likely taste like what came in the plastic jugs we drank in college: bilge. The folks at Striped Pig Distillery down in Charleston – Charleston’s first post-Prohibition distillery – recognize this challenge and have stuck to their guns and refuse to push out a mediocre product. As Striped Pig’s Head Distiller, Johnny Pieper said, “If it tastes like shit, don’t put it in my bottle.”