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Inaugural New Orleans Bourbon Festival

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If you’re scratching your head wondering why you’ve never heard of the New Orleans Bourbon Festival before, don’t worry, you’re not alone because 2017 is the inaugural year. If you’re wondering how good it could be for its initial year, again, don’t worry, it is going to be fantastic. By the time it is over, I believe you’ll be convinced this is a long-established event. So, block off Friday, March 24th through Sunday, March 26th on your calendar now, because you don’t want to miss this.

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Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon and the New Hampshire Liquor Commission

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Spend enough time as a booze aficionado, and you realize everything bad can be blamed on Prohibition. Okay, maybe not everything, but certainly the patchwork liquor laws across the United States. There are 17 alcohol control states or jurisdictions in this country where a state agency regulates the sale of alcohol. About a quarter of Americans live in one of these states, myself included. We’re less likely to have a “honey hole, sq” and building relationships with store owners is not necessarily as valuable. If you’re a bourbon hunter searching for dusties, this is not ideal.

But living in these states isn’t without benefits. You can count on the fact that the liquor store in the sleepy beach downtown and the one in the big city will have the same prices. Some states have websites that let you check to see store inventories to help you find that bottle you’re looking for.

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Whiskey In The Winter 2016 – Win Free VIP Tickets

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National Bourbon Heritage Month has come and gone. It’s time to give your liver a quick rest and get ready to head into our second favorite month of the year – November. Why November? Because November is when our favorite whiskey festival is held each year – Whiskey In The Winter.

Whiskey In The Winter is a whiskey lover’s dream. Each year there’s 300+ whiskeys available for sampling along with whiskey cocktails, whiskey-inspired food stations, and educational seminars from whiskey industry experts. Now in its 4th year, Whiskey In The Winter has become one of the countries premier whiskey festivals drawing whiskey lovers from across the country.

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The Kentucky Bourbon Affair Revisited

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Remember that feeling of going to summer camp as a kid?

Whether you were away a week, two weeks or a month, sleep away camp or daily camp, summer camp was a time for you to meet new friends and have fun.

Flash forward to our long tiring days of adulting, wouldn’t it be great to go to camp again? To have the opportunity to not think about work for a week, meet new people, take part in some fun activities, and of course, drink bourbon.

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Nashville Whiskey Festival

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While Bardstown may be the epicenter of bourbon, Nashville is quickly emerging as a destination for good whiskey. Jack Daniels and George Dickel distilleries are a short drive south and some established and brand new craft distilleries popping up around the corner from the Broadway honky tonks. If you haven’t visited Nashville, you’re missing out. On October 1st, the Nashville Whiskey Festival presented by Midtown Wine & Spirits kicks off at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Nashville.

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Michael Veach Visits Indianapolis Bourbon Society

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This past Monday evening I got to hear Michael Veach speak to the Bourbon Society of Indianapolis. The Bourbon Society of Indianapolis usually meets once a month. Due to our proximity to Kentucky, we have had the opportunity to have some amazing guest speakers in our first year, and this was another opportunity to hear from one of them. It just so happens that this guest is widely regarded as the foremost authority on the history of bourbon.

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WhiskyFest Chicago 2016 Recap

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The 17th annual WhiskyFest made its second stop in Chicago on March 18th. WhiskyFest has exploded in popularity in recent years, and this event is no longer the laid-back casual affair that long-time attendees remember. Also, ticket prices have climbed dramatically, and time is limited, so you want to be sure you have a game plan going in. For B&B readers considering attending one of the two remaining events in the fall (San Francisco on September 23rd and New York on November 1st), allow me to pass along some knowledge gained from my first WhiskyFest that should keep you one step ahead of the throng and help maximize your experience. I recommend you check out the pictures first, and then read the rest of the recap.