How do you get your bourbon news?

How do you get your bourbon news?

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The other night I walked into my living room to find my 6-year old browsing through my copy of the Bourbon Review.  He’s beginning to really get into reading so he’s always picking up magazines to see what he can read and understand. So while his choice of reading material in this photo wasn’t deliberate, the design of the magazine was enticing enough for him to pick it up versus others laying on the coffee table.

It got me to thinking about what makes one source of news better than another for us adults – especially when it comes to all things bourbon?

What is it that makes you visit Bourbon & Banter versus someone else’s bourbon blog?

The bourbon industry is experiencing some amazing growth and the amount of bourbon content online is growing at rates previously unimagined. How is one to decide what to read and what to ignore?

To answer this question I’m turning to my readers to get their opinions on what makes good bourbon content as well as where you turn to get your bourbon fix. I’d appreciate you sounding off in the comments section of this post.

Let us know what websites you read, Twitter accounts you follow and Facebook pages you like in order to keep your bourbon IQ at its peak.

And if you can tell us the type of content that is of most interest to you and why it matters.

Thank you in advance for your insights and opinions.

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    I get my info from as many sources as possible, and I’m adding to that list whenever possible. Whisky Advocate, previously known as Malt Advocate, Bourbon Review, Bourbon County Reader, Bourbon and Banter (take a bow), various Facebook pages, and my buddy at the local bottle shop that usually sends me a pictures of new labels as they come in–which is why I came to sample Belle Meade. Cheers!!

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