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Woodford Reserve Introduces Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey

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Inspired by post-Prohibition American whiskey guidelines

VERSAILLES, KY (July 22, 2019) – Woodford Reserve today announced the release of its newest permanent expression – Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey.

Available in US and global markets, Woodford Reserve Wheat is based on historical recipes but influenced by the iconic core Woodford Reserve Bourbon brand. With wheat as the dominant grain – at 52 percent, followed by malt (20%), corn (20%) and rye (8%) – this whiskey was created by renowned Master Distiller Chris Morris.

“After Prohibition, the federal government permitted four styles of American straight whiskey, each with a different majority grain – bourbon, rye, wheat and malt,” Morris said. “Woodford Reserve now has all four whiskeys as part of its permanent family of brands – Woodford Bourbon, Woodford Rye, Woodford Malt and now Woodford Wheat.”

Woodford Reserve -- a super-premium bourbon created 23 years ago in Woodford County, Kentucky -- has looked to history for inspiration in its products, but it is ultimately a modern bourbon focused on flavor. Each of the four Woodford whiskeys, along with Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, brings a different flavor profile to the palate. Bourbon is a balance of many flavors, rye is spicy, malt is nutty, double oaked is sweet and wheat is fruit-forward.

“This proprietary expression of Woodford Reserve Wheat is designed to deliver a unique ‘fruit-forward’ flavor profile,” Morris said. “It is, like the other members of the Woodford Reserve brands, complex and approachable – and it will make great cocktails.”

The Federal Alcohol Administration Act of August 29, 1935 provided guidelines to four styles of American straight whiskeys. Woodford Reserve is among the first American whiskey brands to create four unique expressions based on those standards.

“This new permanent expression highlights our distillery’s commitment to creativity, innovation, and dedication to making the world’s best tasting whiskeys,” Morris said.

Woodford Reserve Wheat is 90.4 proof with a suggested retail price of $34.99 for a 750ml bottle.

Tasting Notes:

  • Aroma: Aromatic spiced (cinnamon and cedar) and cooked fruit (apple, pear, banana) mingle with a delicate floral character sweetened with light vanilla bean and brown sugar notes
  • Taste: Spicy applesauce and toasted coconut notes enliven an earthy mint and cocoa nib mix
  • Finish: Dry, subtle cocoa nibs and lingering apple peel

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    Bernheim has pretty much had the market for straight wheat whiskey locked down. Their 7 year is an excellent representation of the wheat expression.
    Looking forward to sampling the Woodford 4 grain .
    Picked up a bottle at the distillery, and I’m just waiting to get back home to sample it.

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