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Son Of Bourye Review

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Has a nice balance of sweet and spicy; does great on its own or over the rocks. Another great bottle added to the bar if you can find a bottle now that it’s no longer produced.Kyle George
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Son Of Bourye

  • DISTILLER: Sourced from MGP/LDI and Four Roses, bottled by High West Distillery
  • MASH BILL: Four Roses Bourbon: 75% corn  |  20% rye  |  barley malt + MGP/LDI Rye Whiskey: 95% rye  |  5% barley malt
  • AGE: Blend of a 5+ year rye and a 5+ year bourbon
  • YEAR: 2014; Batch #14G15, Bottle #2940
  • PROOF: 92 (46% ABV)
  • MSRP: $40
NOSE: Vanilla  |  Caramel  |  Spice  |  Rye

TASTE: Oak  |  Caramel  |  Spices  |  Rye

FINISH: Mild burn but a great finish. This is where the spiciness from the rye stands out and in a good way. The heat is not overpowering; it just stays with you. Keeps you warm. There is also a hint of sweetness that stays with you from the bourbon.

SHARE WITH: Would share this with anyone, but I think rye fans would really enjoy this. A nice blending of two worlds.

WORTH THE PRICE: Price is spot on. Little higher than an average bottle, but not going crazy on a unique blend. You are paying some for that uniqueness.

BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: Bottle and would not pass up a glass in a bar either.

OVERALL: Found a bottle of this on my last Kentucky trip and had several recommendations to purchase a bottle and so glad I did. There are not many bourbon-rye mixes out there to compare this to which makes it more of a unique product in the bourbon world. Only a handful of other products come to mind that have done the same thing (Wild Turkey Forgiven, High West Bourye, Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration, and Filibuster Dual Cask). High West has done it again with another outstanding product. The blend of bourbon and rye works really well here. Has a nice balance of sweet and spicy; does great on its own or over the rocks. Another great bottle added to the bar.

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Kyle George

Kyle George


Kyle was born in St. Louis and has lived in the Midwest his entire life. His father introduced him to bourbon when he was 21 years old, and has been enjoying it ever since. Kyle has completed the Kentucky Bourbon Trail on three different occasions, and cannot wait for the opportunity to return. He shares his love of bourbon with his wife, Emily, who traveled the bourbon trail with him for their first wedding anniversary in 2011. He enjoys comparing bourbons from different distilleries and different areas of the country and enjoys sharing a glass with friends and family. Currently, he spends the majority of his time caring for his two young sons but manages to share his love of bourbon with them as well. His four year old frequently says, "When I'm older, I'm going to drink wine and bourbon."

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