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StilL 630 Experimental Collection Release #11

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Today we’re taking a closer look at StilL 630’s Experimental Collection Release #11. The X-11 is a high rye bourbon mash bill with a twist. Instead of using only one type of malted barley, it contains four different varieties – three of which are smoked. Here’s the full mash bill for reference:

  • 60% Corn
  • 20% Rye
  • 5% Applewood Smoked Malted Barley
  • 5% Cherrywood Smoked Malted Barley
  • 5% Mesquite Smoked Malted Barley
  • 5% Malted Barley

Aged in a 15-gallon #3 char barrel for 15.5 months, the X-11 is a unique blend of rye spice and smoke. What our video review for our full review and tasting notes.

If you’re new to our journey we encourage to read our kick-off post about the Experimental Collection and Release #1.

We have 49 more spirits to go so we hope you’ll subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a review. We hope you enjoy this series and are able to make it to St. Louis and enjoy a glass with us at StiLl 630 some day soon. Cheers!

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