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Frérot Cognac XO Assemblage de Crus Review

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Frérot is the people’s Cognac, co-created by hundreds of Flaviar members whose voices guided us through a crowdtasting. It is a sublime and wonderfully complex Spirit blended from several batches of very old Eaux-de-vie originating from all 6 Cognac regions (Crus): an “Assemblage de Crus.” Non-chill filtered and slightly higher in alcohol, Frérot could be dubbed a Cognac for Whiskey lovers. We simply call it “the people’s Cognac.”Flaviar
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Frérot Cognac XO Assemblage de Crus

  • DISTILLER: Various, Cognac, France. Released by Flaviar.
  • MASH BILL: Blended from several batches of very old Eaux-de-vie originating from all 6 Cognac regions (Crus): an “Assemblage de Crus.”
  • AGE: A blend of 20 year to 35-year Cognacs. Aged in French Oak barrels
  • YEAR: 2018
  • PROOF: 84 (42% ABV) Non-Chill Filtered
  • MSRP: $130 non-member cost at Flaviar
NOSE: Honey | Raspberry | Hints of Pepper and Smoke

TASTE: Thin mouth feel | Smokey Pepper | Raspberry | Tobacco | Hint of spice

FINISH: A short finish with some tobacco left on the tongue. Spicy pepper builds over time.

SHARE WITH: I would share this with Cognac fans who want to try something new.

WORTH THE PRICE: Compared to other XO Cognacs, the price is very reasonable.

BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: At this price for a bottle I always say try before you buy. In this case that may be somewhat difficult unless you join Flaviar or know someone who is a member and has a bottle or might be able to get a sample.

OVERALL: I like an occasional XO Cognac. In my opinion, the opportunity to sit and sip a Louis XIII Cognac is one of the most incredible spirits experiences one can have. Of course, Louis is far above a XO Cognac. After reading the story of how the Frérot XO Cognac came to be (see the Brand Notes), I was very excited to try this. The nose on this Cognac is fabulous with a mixture of sweet, smoke and spice. It says this is one great pour. The taste however destroys that notion. It does no justice to the nose. I found it to be very thin with very little flavor. It was difficult to pull out a lot of tasting notes. It did leave a tongue coating that reminded me of tobacco smoke. Not completely unpleasant but it did not do the trick for me. Given that every one’s palate is different others may have a different experience.

The whole crowd-tasting experiment is very interesting to me and it is obvious that Flaviar put a lot of time and effort in producing this Cognac. Also, there are numerous favorable quotes about Frérot on the Flaviar website. I also find the concept of Flaviar very interesting as well. For me, however, this bottle is a pass.

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Frérot Cognac XO Assemblage de Crus Background Info

Flaviar introduces Frérot XO Cognac: the first ever Cognac created through crowdtasting

Spirits Club Brings Flavor to the People by Involving 800 Members in the Crowdtasting for the Creation of its Private Label Cognac


(New York, May 8th) Launching this Spring, Frérot XO Cognac Assemblage de Crus gives rise to a new order in the world of fine spirits –a Cognac created by the people. Flaviar, the membership only spirits club, not only offers unique spirits to members, but has now offered members the chance to co-create their own spirit for the first time. With the aim of bringing Cognac to new audiences Flaviar has democratized the spirits world and asked its members to help craft this release, with 800 involved in the crowdtasting. Introducing Frérot, the People’s Cognac.

“With ‘Flavor to the People’ being Flaviar’s mission from the start, we could hardly think of a better challenge to take on as we set out creating our next very own spirit,” said Grisa Soba, the co-Founder of Flaviar and spirits maverick. “We wanted to address this by including the people-our members-in the creation of Frérot.”

Working with several Cognac producers, the founder of Flaviar identified several of the best drops of Cognac that showcased a wide range of Cognac flavor. Three, high quality XO blends were then selected for the crowdtasting and shared with members in an exceptional tasting box delivered to members’ homes.  With many the crowdtasting being traditional whiskey drinkers, the feedback on flavor profile, alcohol level, blend of crus, sugar content and chill filtration reflected this palate. This is the Bourbon drinker’s Cognac.

The result? 2000 bottles of an exquisite assemblage de crus XO Cognac, non-chill filtered and bottled at 42% ABV, slightly higher than typical Cognacs. Aged in French oak barrels for a minimum of 20 and up to 35 years, Frérot is incredibly deep in flavor with a hint of spice, but also approachable – a structure slightly reminiscent of old Bourbon. At the core fo the Frérot’s ethos is full transparency on each of these elements – something less common in the world of Cognac. Translating in French as a term of endearment among friends, Frérot is the Cognac created with friends, for friends.

Disclaimer: Flaviar provided Bourbon & Banter with a sample of their product for this review. We appreciate their willingness to allow us to review their products with no strings attached. Thank you.

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