Barrel Proof Fine Art Bourbon Photos

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I know it’s a Saturday and I usually don’t post anything to the blog, but I’m pretty excited about this one and I couldn’t wait until Monday to share it with everyone. I hope you don’t mind the weekend interruption and some bourbon photos.

In addition to my passion for Bourbon, I’m pretty addicted to photography. I’ve been taking photos for a little over 12 years now and a few years ago I took the plunge and started shooting professionally on the side. Since then I’ve enjoyed capturing life’s unique moments for people around St. Louis through portraits, event photography and the occasional commissioned project   Ever since I started Bourbon & Banter I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate my love of photography into the mix in a way that would benefit the entire Bourbon & Banter community.  I’m pleased to say that I think I’ve finally found a way.

Barrel Strength Fine Art Bourbon Photos

Introducing Bourbon & Banter’s Barrel Proof Fine Art Bourbon Prints.

I know, it’s a mouthful. Let’s just say it’s a collection of Bourbon-themed photos that I’ve taken over the past year that would make a great addition to your home or office.  (Sure, I’m biased but I hope you’ll like them too.)

Each print is available in a ready-to-frae 16×20 size without the need for a mat board. There’s a wide variety of prints available and we’ll be adding prints throughout the upcoming year so please check back often. For those of you looking for a different size print or a more customized offering please contact us and we can discuss some more specialized print options.

Barrel Strength Fine Art Bourbon Photos

To celebrate the launch of our new collection, and help everyone out with last-minute holiday shopping we’re offering a discount coupon worth $10 of your print order. Simply enter BourbonBanter2012 during checkout and save $10 off your print order. Feel free to share the discount with family and friends as well. It’s good through the end of the year just in case you don’t get exactly what you want for the holidays.

I hope you enjoy the Barrel Proof collection and would love to get your feedback. And if you decide to hang one in your home or office please send us a photo and we’ll feature on our site and Facebook page.  Thank you!

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