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Beard Gains Review & Giveaway

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As both Bourbon & Banter’s senior cocktail correspondent and a resident of the Pacific Northwest, I am legally obligated to maintain a mustache (handlebar optional) and beard at all times. This requirement is sometimes to my wife’s consternation as contact with another’s facial hair is less pleasant for those not bearing it. So when Beard Gains offered products “Made for A Man, Loved by Women,” I figured it was worth a shot.

Thomas Fondano - Beard Model PhotoFacial hair is similar to scalp hair in that there are many varieties and they can both have bad days. My mustache tends to want to curl down on just the left side while the right is content sticking straight out to the side as intended and neither side connects to my beard. Gray hairs tend to have a coarser texture and weird ideas, so they need help to stay in place.

Beard Gain’s mustache wax comes in four colors to blend with natural hair colors. My facial hair is mostly black, so the wax is a manly shade of dark gray. The accompanying mini comb is necessary to dig into the hard wax because you don’t want dark gray wax under your fingernails. For me, the sharp little comb is more useful as a wax harvesting device than a mustache comb. I prefer to use the wax more for general hold than elaborate styling, but the firm hold formula I sampled could support a Rollie Fingers handlebar or any Salvador Dalí ideas you might have.

The beard balm is more similar to a pomade with a much lighter texture than the wax. It provided a decent hold that kept my scraggly gray hairs in check. It also provides weight and volume which is good if you’re not terribly hirsute.

The beard comb accompanying my samples was shaped like a pair of brass knuckles, and that is fun! The mini mustache was also shaped like a pair of brass knuckles. Other available comb shapes include Marvel and DC superheroes, Transformers, Star Wars and Free Masons.

Beard Gains Products Review

From my experience, Beard Gains offers reliable products that I would use, particularly the mustache wax. You can check out their complete line of beard care products on their website.

So, did my wife love it? She thought it smelled good, but would’ve preferred I received more free whiskey. She’s a keeper.


Enter to win free products & Bourbon Schwag

Our friends over at were kind enough to send us a box full of their products to giveaway to one of our lucky readers. We think beards, bourbon, and banter go well together, so we’re throwing in a few bourbon schwag items of our own to increase the “proof” of the giveaway which we’re calling the “Beards, Bourbon & Banter Box.” For a chance to win head on over to the giveaway entry form and submit your name and information. Once you’ve entered just sit back and wait for us to draw the winner on July 1st – just in time to make someone’s July 4th holiday extra special. And if you know someone that would enjoy winning some quality beard care items or bourbon schwag, please share the entry link and encourage them to enter as well. Good luck!

Enter To Win Today

Psst…the folks at Beard Gains gave us a ton of great products for this giveaway including Presidential Beard Oil, Mustache Wax, Beard Growth Vitamins, a variety of hair combs including their awesome Marvel Comics Punisher Skull Beard Comb, a Beard Symmetry Trimming Guide, Pristine Beard Balm + Mini Comb and a handy Beard Gains Lighter. Almost $200 worth of product to improve your facial hair or the facial hair of a bourbon drinker you love. And don’t forget, we’ll be throwing in some great bourbon schwag as well.

Disclaimer: Beard Gains provided Bourbon & Banter with a sample of their products for this review. We appreciate their willingness to allow us to review their products with no strings attached. Thank you.

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