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Booze and Vinyl Book Review

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  • Product: Booze & Vinyl: A Spirited Guide to Great Music and Mixed Drinks
  • Distiller (Authors): Andre Darlington and Tanaya Darlington
  • Mashbill: 200+ pages of Cool Music and Cocktail Recipes
  • Age: Must be 21 or Older (to drink the cocktails, not to buy the book)
  • Year: 2018
  • Proof: Varies
  • MSRP: $25 on Amazon

Ok, so a little tease using our bourbon review format but what is this book all about? It’s a fun way to approach pairing cocktails and music. It takes things a little over the top but if you are going to throw a listening party I think this offers a nice blueprint to follow. The book offers tips on what bar items to stock, how to prepare a wide variety of cocktails and suggestions on when to play what albums. They offer more then 50 recipes that use 2 or 3 ingredients, so you can choose how complex you want to get with the pairings.

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Rock, Dance, Chill and Seduce are the overarching themes with various album recommendations to follow suit. I tried pairing a few of the albums with a few cocktails and admit that they did a great job putting them together. Hosting a whiskey tasting while jamming to The White Stripes album White Blood Cells works well and helps keep the energy of the room up during what could be a quiet affair. I didn’t go for a Yorsch (2 ounces of Vodka, 1 Beer mixed and chugged) as suggested but I could imagine it would’ve done the job fine in my 20’s going to a Nirvana concert. Of course, sipping a great Manhattan on a date with your special someone can only be improved with a little Sinatra playing. I won’t report my personal results on that combination, but I would suggest it’s worth a spin.

Mood plays a tremendous role in how we enjoy our libations and I’m fully convinced that it can have an affect on the actual flavor. Our minds play tricks on us all the time. Sometimes we can trick it on our own and I think Booze and Vinyl offers a little magic to help set that mood.


Will sharpen your cocktail game and make you the master of the AUX cable.

Rating Scale

Essential: Every home bar or library should have a copy of this
Recommended: Enjoyable read, absolutely worth the time and money
Average: Better presentation available elsewhere
Forgettable: I wish I had my time and money back

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