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Last week’s intense heat reinforced my belief that sometimes you just cant’ beat having a glass of bourbon on the rocks. I realize that many of you will scoff at the notion of ice and bourbon together in a glass but for those of you that enjoy a few rocks to chill your whiskey, I’d like to introduce you to Quirky’s newest twist on the ice cube tray – the Cube Tube.

Quirky's Cube Tube

Here are the details from their website:

Cube Tube is a vertical ice cube tray that prevents you from spilling water while transporting a full tray of water to your freezer. It also provides the user better control while dropping the ice into a drink. Just fill the tube, insert the divider, seal the tube and freeze. Once it’s frozen, hit the flexible bottom against a hard surface. This will loosen up the ice to be pulled out (and probably relieve some stress). The tube is designed with a slight draft to make pulling the ice out easier.

They even have a clever tagline: “Chill without the Spill.”

I’m personally a fan of the silicone ice trays but I can tell you that with kids in the house I often find that they trays have been emptied of most of their water due to the kids opening and closing the freezer drawer. I see the Cube Tube as a nice way to get my own cubes (using purified water) without worrying about the kids ruining the freezing process. The Cube Tube might also be handy when you go out tailgating and you need to keep a few cubes tucked away in a cooler for your drink. Sure, you could use the cooler ice but do you really know the last time your buddy cleaned his cooler?

Currently, the Cube Tube is classified as an “upcoming” design at Quirky so you can’t get your hands on one yet. If you think you might buy one when available you can submit your input regarding how the Cube Tube should be priced on the Quirky product page.


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