Glass of bourbon and Mash Bill Truffles from Vosges

Mash Bill Truffle Collection Review

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Glass of bourbon and Mash Bill Truffles from Vosges
  Disclaimer: For this review I was sent samples of the chocolates, Templeton Rye and Four Roses Single Barrel for pairing purposes. 


Father’s Day is coming and you could do a lot worse than getting Dad a box of the Mash Bill Truffle Collection from Vosges.
The Collection contains a dozen truffles:
  • 2 Whiskey: Templeton rye whiskey + tart cherry + tobacco + 62% cacao dark chocolate
  • Bourbon: toasted pecans + Four Roses single barrel bourbon + 45% deep milk chocolate
  • Scotch: coconut & cocoa nib caramel + Bruichladdich Port Charlotte scotch + 45% deep milk chocolate
  • Stout: Rogue chocolate stout + 62% cacao dark chocolate 
Pairing the Whiskey truffle with a pour of Templeton Rye is fantastic. The cherry and tobacco flavors in the truffle come through first before giving way to a creamy dark chocolate. The rye elevates these flavors in the way great pairings do.
Photo of a box of Mash Bill Truffles from Vosges
Four Roses Single Barrel is a fantastic bourbon on its own, but the pairing is not quite as successful. The 100 proof bourbon is a bit dry on the finish compared to the sweetness of the truffle. Surprisingly, I found the dark chocolate of the rye truffle to be sweeter than the milk chocolate of its bourbon counterpart.
While I didn’t get to try pairings with the Scotch or Stout truffles, they were delicious on their own. As a dad myself, I know I’d appreciate whiskey and chocolates for Father’s Day. 
Or really any day.  


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