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Disclaimer: A sample of Think Jerky was provided to me for this review. I appreciate their willingness to allow Bourbon & Banter to review the product with no strings attached. Thank you.

Some things just go together like peanut butter and jelly, beer with brats and bourbon and beef jerky. The latter of these amazing pairings that were on my mind when the folks at Think Jerky contacted me about their new Kickstarter campaign.

I’ve consumed a lot of beef jerky over the years–some good with the majority of it being pretty tasteless and dry. Think Jerky promised me that their product was going to be different than any other jerky on the market. To prove their point they sent me a few samples to try in the hope that I’d be impressed enough to write a review.

Before we chew through my thoughts let’s take a quick look at what Think Jerky is all about.

  • Recipes created by three world-renowned chefs
  • Healthy – 100 calories or less per bag of jerky
  • Unusual but amazing flavors: Sriracha Honey, Ginger Orange, Sweet Chipotle and Thanksgiving
  • Protein is pasture-raised, free-range and grass-fed

I’ll be honest.  I thought the jerky was too high-brow for this bourbon swilling fella based on the details above since I don’t go out of my way to buy free-range proteins or eat low-calorie foods. But, the jerky flavors caught my attention. Anything with sriracha always gets my vote.

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Think Jerky sent me a package of Sriracha Honey and Ginger Orange to review. Here are my initial tasting notes:

Sriracha Honey

  • Aroma: Honey | Soy Sauce | Brown Sugar | Spice
  • Taste: Spicey Heat | Honey | Smoky Sweetness | Great Balance of Heat/Sweet
  • Texture: Softer than most jerky but with a bit of chew | Moist | Lots of flavor

Ginger Orange

  • Aroma: Ginger Bomb | Asian Spices | Korean BBQ Sauce
  • Taste: Ginger | Orange | Soy – Wonderful flavor….wow!
  • Texture: A bit drier and more crumbly than the Sriracha Honey but with enough chew to keep it together. Not tough at all.

I enjoyed both flavors of Think Jerky but the Ginger Orange was my favorite. I could eat a bag or two every day if available. If you’re a fan of Asian food you should definitely check this one out.

Think Jerky deserves a closer look if you love jerky and appreciate unique flavors. For as little as $25 you can get a sampler pack of all four flavors. Not a bad investment in my opinion.

Head on over to their KickStarter campaign page and take a closer look. If you invest make sure to come back and share your thoughts on your reward.


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