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Globe Trotter Whiskey Decanter Review

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Way back in October, the folks at MoonRise Market reached out to see if we’d be interested in checking out their Globe Trotter whiskey decanter. We accepted their offer, and about a week later it arrived, and we excitedly opened up the box and took our first peek at the decanter.

Our first thought upon opening the box was that there was no way a full bottle of whiskey was going to fit into the decanter. It was much smaller than we anticipated so we sent an email to our contact at MoonRise and expressed our concern. They were quick to assure us that not only would it fit, but that it would have some room left over since the decanter’s actual volume is 850 ml.

Armed with their promise of “more than enough room” in the decanter it aside for a few days so we could take care of a few other bourbon items on our list. And then life happened to cause us to get pulled in a million different directions which resulted in us totally forgetting that the decanter was waiting for us to return and give it the proper attention it deserved.

Fast forward to today, and here we are ready to give you our thoughts on the Globe Trotter whiskey decanter and whether or not you should consider one for yourself or the whiskey lover in your life.

First Impressions…

The Globe Trotter whiskey decanter arrived an extremely well-packed box (no chance anything will break during shipping) printed with sharp graphics depicting the decanter and matching glasses. The decanter was smaller than we expected (as previously stated) but it is nicely etched providing an interesting contrast once whiskey is added to the decanter. The decanter comes with a heavy glass stopper that fits snugly and appears to do an excellent job of keeping air out and your whiskey in the globe.

Accompanying the decanter is a matching pair of etched rocks glasses. While nicely designed, the glasses are fairly thin and light. I prefer heavier glasses and would love to have seen more robust glasses included as part of the package. Anyone who purchases this decanter will need to take extra care when using the glasses–especially when washing them.

A small metal funnel was also included in the box to help you pour whiskey into the decanter. I recommend throwing it away and using a bigger one from your collection. It will save you time by filling the decanter quicker and by saving you time that you spend cleaning up spilled whiskey as a result of using a funnel that is too small for the task at hand.

Putting our larger funnel to work, we poured a 750 ml bottle of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof bourbon into the decanter and true to what MoonRise Market promised, it fit with room to spare.

And The VErdict is…

Once the decanter was filled with whiskey, we placed it back onto its wood stand and took a few minutes to admire how it looked. As the photo above shows, it looks pretty damn cool. The contrast of the white etched glass against the dark amber of the bourbon looked amazing. Pair it with the matching glasses, and it would be right at home on the set of Mad Men.

There’s no doubt that the Globe Trotter whiskey decanter would look go in just about any office whether on a credenza or in a bookshelf. Its small size and larger than expected volume makes it a nice way to keep whiskey handy without display bottles out in the open. But it would probably look a bit out of place in a typical bar setup.

Overall I think the Globe Trotter decanter is an excellent option for those looking for a way to keep whiskey readily available without having to put bottles on display or create a dedicated bar area. (e.g., small enough to keep in your office on a shelf). While I don’t have anywhere in my home or office to put it (I already have a home bar and an antique globe bar in my office), I would have no issue giving one as a gift to someone that enjoys whiskey.

If you’re inclined to buy one for yourself or as a gift, there are quite a few places online where you can find the Globe Trotter as well as different, but similar designs, but we kindly ask that you give the folks at MoonRise Market an opportunity to win your business. Visit them online and check out their story and then place an order for your very own Globe Trotter whiskey decanter.

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    Good review, I agree with most of it, I purchased this decanter and I am very happy with it, it is a perfect gift.

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