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Heads & Tails: Why The Hell Not Edition

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Today we’re launching a new weekly feature – Heads & Tails.

Every week we receive numerous press releases and come across updates from across the whiskey industry and beyond. The sheer volume of stuff pitched our way is quite astounding at times, and we simply don’t have the bandwidth to respond to everything directly (relevant or not to what we focus on). And even more importantly, we don’t have the ability to post everything on the blog in a timely fashion. Once in a while, we’ll post a press release that we think is important to get out quickly but more often than not we simply ignore it and let it pass. Other industry sites are more focused on breaking news and updates, and we’ve always thought it best to let them be the ones to bring the information to your attention.

But lately, we’ve had some conversations with folks that made us reconsider our approach while factoring in our resource constraints. One of our goals is to help people “drink curious”. To do so requires us to not only educate and entertain but also to inform folks of what’s going on around the industry. To that end, we’re going to post a weekly news roundup on Friday. We can’t compete on the breaking news front in most cases, but we hope that a weekly round up will help ensure that our readers at least have a glimpse into things happening around the industry that is making the news or could be of passing interest.

Consider this a pilot program. One that we would love your feedback on in the comments or via email. We’re going to keep it simple for now and adjust as we receive your feedback. For now, we invite you to grab a coffee refill and peruse a few of this week’s updates below as we coast into the weekend.

As for the name – Heads & Tails – we hope everyone gets our inside joke. Cheers!

Industry News & Updates

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