Bourbon Across America Visits the Century Bar

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A few weeks ago we traveled up to Dayton, OH to visit the Century Bar as part of our Bourbon Across America travels.  While we’re still working on a full write-up of our visit to the bar, we thought we’d share with you a video we put together of our adventures so you could learn a little bit more about the Century Bar and why we selected them to kick off our Bourbon Across America series.

Special thanks go out to Joe, Tim and George for taking time to appear in the video as well as te Century Bar owner, Diane, and the rest of her amazing crew. We had a blast visiting and can’t wait until we visit again.



If this looks like the type of place you’d like to visit, you can check out the Century Bar online, or visit them in person at:

Century Bar
10 S. Jefferson St.
Dayton, OH 45405


PS – We apologize if you find the video a little dark. Next time we’ll round up some video lights before we hit the road.

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