The Century Bar Or Bust – A Bourbon Road Trip

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Next weekend I’ll be traveling to Richmond, IN for my 20th college reunion. While I’m excited to be going back and seeing the changes to my former campus and connecting with old friends–many who I haven’t seen since graduation–what I’m really looking forward to is going up a day early to pay a visit to my good friends at The Century bourbon bar in downtown Dayton, OH.

I first met the folks from The Century back in 2012 on our Bourbon Pilgrimage and immediately knew that I had found some truly kindred bourbon spirits. (sorry, no pun intended) I then made a trek to Dayton in March 2013 to check out the bar and feature it on the blog as part of our Bourbon Across America feature. We even shot a video during our visit which you can check out here.

The Century is bourbon lover’s paradise. It’s beautiful, but not fancy pants. It doesn’t serve food, but it has all the sustenance you’ll ever need…in liquid form. The folks working there are bourbon geniuses, but unpretentious. In simple terms – it’s a bar with a shit ton of bourbon and folks that will help you navigate your way through it all. Good people and even better banter.

That all being said I’ll be parking my “built for comfort” body on a bar stool on Thursday, October 29th sometime in the early evening. I’ll leave when someone carries me back to my hotel. I’d like to extend an invite to anyone in the surrounding area to come on out to The Century and join me for some bourbon and banter. It’s been a long time since I’ve visited and I’d love to connect with as many of you as I can during my stay. If for some reason timing just doesn’t work out please try to visit The Century on another date as it truly is a bourbon lovers destination. Tell them that Pops from B&B sent you.

I look forward to seeing everyone next week…

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