Curt McAdams

Sr. Contributor

Curt’s first encounter with whiskey was when he was 17 at the Christmas party for the con-struction company he worked for over the summer. Before he was allowed to leave, he had to take a swig of Jim Beam from the bottle. It did not go well. The good thing was that future whiskey encounters would have to be better, right? After realizing that a good Scotch was a very nice drink, he delved more into that part of the world, finding that the varieties of flavors in Scotch were really interesting, especially the peaty whiskies from Islay. Since then, his love for whiskey has grown to include bourbons and, especially, rye whiskeys, and his love of cook-ing means food and whiskey play a big role on the menu.

Brothers That
Own Whiskey Bars
Current Bottles
Of Whisk(e)y
Recipes That
Use Whisk(e)y

Fun Facts

Had only a partial bottle of Scotch on the shelf just a few short years ago

Currently has over 100 bottles of whisk(e)y in his bar

Writes an outdoor cooking website, Livefire

Lives in SW Ohio, close enough to Kentucky to make frequent trips to distilleries

Owns an photography business, Livefire Photography, specializing in equine photography

Desert Island Whiskey

Lagavulin 16-year-old

Willett Estate Bourbon

Angel’s Envy Rye

Just about anything from Ardbeg

Jefferson Presidential 21-year-old Rye

“Pour unto others as you would have poured unto you.” Curt’s Golden Rule of Whiskey Sharing