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Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky Review

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“According to India Mythology, when the Gods and Rakshasas - the demons - churned the oceans using the mountain Meru, a golden pot sprang out of the oceans containing the "elixir of life." This was called the "Amrut."
– Amrut Distilling
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Amrut Single Malt Whisky

  • DISTILLER: Amrut Distilling
  • MASH BILL: Malted barley, non-chill filtered, no artificial color
  • AGE: NAS
  • YEAR: 2017
  • PROOF: 92 Proof (46% ABV)
  • MSRP: $49.99

NOSE: Cherries  |  Pinot Noir  |  Cocoa Puffs  |  Sweet and Mild

TASTE: Toasted Oak  |  Cheerios  |  Nutty  |  Oily

FINISH: The nuttiness from the taste turns to a vegetative quality with ethanol and a bit of sulfur.

SHARE WITH: Cigar lovers. The finish on this one, combined with the cherries and toasted oak from the nose and taste respectively would pair perfectly with a nice cigar.

WORTH THE PRICE: I think so.


OVERALL: Don’t let the double-cereal punch from the tasting notes throw you off: this entry-level offering from Amrut was my first taste of Indian whisky and I’ve found myself returning to it over the years even as I’ve branched out and tried more premium labels. It’s one of those bottles that gets better after it’s opened and has a chance to oxidize a bit, and I regularly taste new notes in a bottle after it’s sat for a while.  Considering that most people can grab a bottle of this for under $50, I think it’s a solid value for an interesting dram.

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