Amanda & Drew Duffer

Amanda often tells people that she’s never met a spirit or a person she can’t get along with for at least a day. This mindset has been the starter for many drinking stories and led her to trying new drinks, in new places, with new people. While her one true liquor love is bourbon, she loves to experiment with new libations, cocktails, and tastes and is never too proud to drink as the locals do. (Even when we’re talking backwoods moonshine)

Drew had never experienced the magic of brown water until he met Amanda but has since made up for lost time by tasting every bourbon he can get his hands on. A lover of good beer, fine wine, and anejo Tequila, Drew has a passion for libations and is always willing to experiment. He prefers bold, masculine flavors in his food and drinks and deep, thoughtful conversations in his people.

Amanda and Drew live in Phoenix, Arizona with their three kids. When they aren’t traveling, the couple can be found planning their next great adventure or creating unique versions of traditional favorites. Amanda and Drew both live by the creed of “live like the locals” wherever they go and truly enjoy the terroir of the food and drinks they experience in new locales.

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Fun Facts

Drew is an actor and can be found on IMDB.

Drew descends from cockfighting royalty.

Drew finished the Big Texan 72-ounce Steak Challenge in 33 minutes.

Amanda once got to sing Overjoyed with Stevie Wonder backstage before a concert.

Amanda works in Corporate Communications when she’s not drinking whiskey.

Amanda cheered in high school and was selected as a member of  the UCA All American Squad.

Desert Island Whiskey

Maker’s Mark 46
Blanton’s Original Single Barrel
Teeling Whiskey Single Cask

Wild Turkey 101
Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel
Willett Pot Still Reserve

“Always remember that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has ever taken out of me.” Winston Churchill