Angel’s Envy Toasts The Trees

Angel’s Envy recently sent us what has to be the most unusual item we’ve ever received from a bourbon brand – a mini-bottle of their bourbon along with a small sack filled with acorns.

Angel's Envy Toast The Trees Photo

Angel’s Envy recently sent us what has to be the most unusual item we’ve ever received from a bourbon brand – a mini-bottle of their bourbon along with a small sack filled with acorns.  I have to admit that we were a little perplexed by the contents until we read the official press release that accompanied it.

World’s Highest-Rated Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Port Wine Barrels Will Plant a White Oak Tree for Every Picture Posted This September With the Hashtag #AE4THETREES
Louisville, Kentucky (September 1, 2015) – Louisville Distilling Co. LLC, producers of the highly celebrated Angel’s Envy super-premium bourbon, will once again Toast the Trees this September (aka National Bourbon Heritage Month), in an effort to fight back against the current bourbon barrel shortage.
The World’s Highest Rated Bourbon is proud to continue its partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant new white oak trees across North America for every picture bourbon enthusiasts take of an Angel’s Envy cocktail – neat, on-the-rocks or in a cocktail.  Participants simply post their picture to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #AE4THETREES.  Angel’s Envy will plant a white oak tree for every picture posted this September bearing the hashtag.
This year’s program builds on the successful social media initiative last year in which Angel’s Envy donated $10,000 to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 2,500 white oak trees in the Appalachian Mountains.  The donation helped to fund the Pennsylvania state game lands enhancement project, which reclaims the land of old mines by planting new forests.
With a sharp increase of new bourbon enthusiasts over the past several years, demand is higher than ever.  Angel’s Envy is committed to helping make sure that there is always enough American white oak for the cooperages and bourbon distilleries of tomorrow to continue to age in new charred oak barrels.  Angel’s Envy goes the extra step in finishing in port wine barrels.
“Last year’s ‘trees’ initiative proved to be a great way to engage our fans in a fun and meaningful way via social media,” said Samira Seiller, Managing Director of Louisville Distilling Company.  “Toast the Trees helps us to preserve the future of bourbon through planning and sustainability.”

This is a brand effort that we can definitely get behind. As a consumer all you have to do is enjoy a glass of Angel’s Envy bourbon, snap a photo of it and then post on social media using the hashtag #AE4THETREES. So easy you can even do it after your second glass of bourbon. And if someone gives you a hard time about having another glass of Angel’s Envy you can tell them to relax because you’re doing your part to plant a tree and guarantee that there’s enough oak for bourbon barrels in the future.

We encourage all of our bourbon loving friends to support Angel’s Envy cause during Bourbon Heritage Month. And who knows…if you tag your post with both #AE4THETREES and @BourbonBanter we may just surprise you a bit.  Cheers!