Bellows Club Bourbon Advertisement Circa 1959

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I wanna be “hep”. Do you wanna be “hep”? All we need is to serve Bellows Club Bourbon and we’ll not only be hep but we’ll also be a BOURBONITE. Cool.

In 1959, Bellows was a  product of National Distillers, which at the time owned several Kentucky distilleries, in particular Old Taylor, Old Crow and Old Grand-Dad. (per notes found on the Apparently it wasn’t a bad bourbon but it also wasn’t anything special. 

Here’s a few words from a label:

The unvarying excellence of this fine Kentucky Bourbon has made it the favorite of those with the highest standards of quality and good taste. Because of its richness of flavor and mellow goodness, the taste for Bellows Club Bourbon has become almost a family inheritance, generation after generation.

Bellows Club Bourbon Advertisement Circa 1959

If you’ve had the chance to enjoy some Bellows Club Bourbon please sound off in the comments section. It’s always fun to get first hand feedback if possible.


PS – And of coure from here on out we will refer to ourselves as Bourbon & Banter Bourbonites.  (BBB)

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