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In what seems as a lifetime ago I lived in Japan for a few years. During that time one of my favorite things about watching Japanese television was seeing American celebrities in commercials for things like booze and cigarettes. Since those types of commercials were banned or limited in the US it was an interesting thing to see. Having the American celebrities in the commercial was icing on the cake.

I ran across this little gem last night while doing a search online for bourbon TV commercials. It stars Californication star David Dochovny and is for McKenna Bourbon. Produced for the New Zealand market it does it’s best to steal the vibe of Californication. I’ve got my own opinions of the spot but would love to hear yours in the comments. Enjoy the celebrity booze commercials.

Here’s a series of Sean Connery whiskey commercials from 1992 in Japan.

And my personal favorite for being totally bizarre in selling whiskey.



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