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Interview With Britt Chavanne

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Are you a fan of any of these bourbons?

  • Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon
  • Rowan’s Creek
  • Noah’s Mill
  • Johnny Drum
  • Old Bardstown
  • Kentucky Vintage
  • Pure Kentucky Bourbon

If so, I’ve got a great video for you featuring Kentucky Bourbon Distiller’s very own, Britt Chavanne. The video was brought to my attention by the fine folks over at DrinkSpirits.com. If you enjoy the video I suggest you head on over to their website and read the story that goes along with the video.


During the 2012 Bourbon & Banter Pilgrimage we spent some time at KBD and took a tour led by Britt’s husband, Hunter. It was a fantastic stop on the Pilgrimage and one that I can’t recommend enough. If you find yourself in the area, make sure to add KBD to your agenda. Their hard at work on their goal to become the “Napa Valley” of Kentucky and would appreciate you stopping by to check them out.

Here’s a poster that Bourbon & Banter created to remember our 2012 visit to KBD/Willet Distillery.

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