Old Grand Dad Bourbon Ad Circa 1958

Old Grand Dad Bourbon Ad Circa 1958

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Today’s featured vintage bourbon ad is from 1958 and features Old Grand Dad Bourbon. It’s a pretty plain and simple ad on the surface. But look deeper.

I think there’s a lesson here that Maker’s Mark should have studied before making their announcement a few weeks ago. The lesson is to keep the bourbon the way it is for your existing fans, but offer a different (lighter) version for either those looking for it or those in markets that aren’t already built upon the original. I know their situation was far more complicated than I’m giving them credit for with my solution, but I can’t shake the feeling that something far more disturbing is happening behind closed doors. Hope I’m wrong, but I’ll keep an ear to the ground in case the other shoe does indeed drop.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Old Grand Dad Bourbon Ad Circa 1958






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