Seagrams Whisky Ad Circa 1985 Photo

Seagrams Whisky Ad Circa 1985

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Bourbon & Banter reader Jim Thorpe sent me the Seagrams Whisky ad below and I just couldn’t pass it up. I know it’s not for a bourbon brand but how can you not love it?

If you can’t get behind supporting the police, fire fighters, service men/women and others who put themselves in harms way I don’t think you should be drinking bourbon. In fact, you should probably be drinking vodka to match your lack of a soul. 😉

I’d love to see a bourbon brand do a campaign like this again but as Jim mentioned in his note to me ,when he sent the image, in a politically-correct world most brands wouldn’t dare.

I say we take matters into our own hands folks. Next time you’re at the bar and you see a policeman, fire fighter or soldier that’s off duty, please by them a glass of bourbon and thank them for their hard work and sacrifice. And if by chance they don’t drink bourbon, by them a drink of their choice.

That’s what I call spreading the bourbon gospel.


Seagrams Whisky Ad Circa 1985 Photo




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