Introducing The Shot Flask

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The Shot Flask

The Shot Flask is a drinking flask with a twist. In addition to it’s premium, stainless steel & bonded leather wrapping, the Shot Flask contains a hidden cup allowing you to pour a precise 2-ounce shot whenever and wherever desired. Using a collapsible design, the shot glass can be flattened for compact storage and easily expanded for your drinking pleasure.

The Shot Flask makes the perfect gift for that special someone in your life or to spoil yourself with a flask that’s finally worth showing off.”

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m moving a little slow. I think it’s because Christmas is approaching which means vacation time and that makes me not want to do much of anything. So I’m posting the Shot Flask today to get everyone else’s opinion on this new flask “innovation”.

Is this a stroke of pure genius or are they simply trying to hard t0o create something cool?

Sound off in the comments if you have an opinion.

BTW, the Shot Flask is available now for $24.99. Order your Shot Flask today!


PS – If anyone wants to send one to me for a review that would be great. I don’t think I can lift my hands enough to order my own right now.

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