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The Story Behind Our New Logo

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It’s been a few weeks since we launched our new website and new logo. We thought we’d take a few moments and share with everyone some of the ideation behind the new look from the amazing designer, Josh Reeves, who created it for us. We hope you enjoy this quick peek into the story behind our logo and how it all comes together in our new tagline of Drink Curious.

  • Circle

    Bourbon is core to the foundation of Bourbon & Banter. The circle shape represents our foundation and grounds all that we do.

  • Square

    The square represents the rick-houses where bourbon and whiskey are aged to perfection.

  • Lines

    The lines connecting the circle and square are representative of the rails that carefully guide barrels of bourbon as they make they’re way to the rick-house for a longer slumber.

  • Est. 2011

    This one doesn’t need much explanation but it serves as a reminder of when launched and started on our journey to spread the bourbon gospel with friends we had yet to meet.

  • Drink Curious

    Drink Curious is our new tagline and represents our belief that a life well-lived is one filled with exploration and curiosity. And through our posts and pages we hope to inspire everyone to go out and embrace their own curiosity. Chart your own course based on what you like – not what others tell you to like. Make your own friends, your own choices and most importantly, drink curious.

So what do you think of our new logo?

Some people have told us that it gives off a nautical vibe. Some have gone as far as to say they can see a compass in the design.

While we didn’t set out to create something nautical, we agree that it gives off that vibe. And purely by accident that interpretation aligns perfectly with our renewed mission for Bourbon & Banter – to guide others as they explore the world of bourbon, whiskey and other spirits while enjoying banter along the way.

Are you ready to Drink Curious?

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Patrick Garrett, "Pops" as he's known to his friends, is the founder of Bourbon & Banter, LLC and claims the title of Chief Drinking Officer (CDO). A long-time marketing professional and photographer, Pops hopes to use his professional experience and love of Bourbon to spread the Bourbon Gospel and help everyone realize the therapeutic power of having a good drink with friends. Read Patrick's full profile.

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