Black Button Distilling Four Grain Bourbon Review

This is the signature bourbon for Black Button Distilling. This bottle of the Four Grain Small Batch Bourbon is Batch 19. It consists of a blend 20 to 24 barrels.

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  • DISTILLER: Black Button Distilling, Rochester, New York
  • MASH BILL: 60% Corn | 20% Wheat | 9% Rye | 11% Barley
  • AGE: At least 2 Years
  • YEAR: 2020
  • PROOF: 84 Proof (42% ABV)
  • MSRP: $59.99 at the distillery
  • BUY ONLINE: Check out the brand's BUY ONLINE page to purchase your very own bottle.


NOSE: Young Grain | Baking Spices | Cherries

TASTE: Tea | Pepper | Vanilla

FINISH:A short finish with a hint of vanilla and kick of spice.

SHARE WITH: Those who like trying different craft bourbons or who are interested in Four Grain bourbons. Also someone new to bourbon.

WORTH THE PRICE: $60 is at the high end of the craft bourbon range and is high for a bourbon this young and at 84 proof

BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: Given the price, age and proof of this bourbon, I would suggest trying this at a bar or at the distillery.

OVERALL: This is the signature bourbon for Black Button Distilling. This bottle of the Four Grain Small Batch Bourbon is Batch 19. It consists of a blend 20 to 24 barrels. The blend includes bourbon aged in both 15 and 30 gallon barrels. While the label states it is aged at least two yours, according to Owner and Head Distiller Jason Barrett, the 15 gallon barrels run almost 36 months in age and the 30 gallon barrels about 44 months. The label states "aged at least two years" so they don’t have to keep changing the label.

I tasted this bourbon on several occasions. Typically, I am not a huge fan of bourbon at this low of proof. I found this bourbon to have a thin mouth feel and that young bourbon taste. During one tasting I told my wife, Patti, that it tasted like tea. Unfortunately, this bourbon is not my cup of tea.

Having said that, however, I find myself interested in this distillery. Located in Rochester, NY and labeled as a New York Farm Distillery, in order to hold that distinction, they must source 75% of their ingredients from New York. Black Button states that they exceed 90%. The distillery started in 2012 and started distilling bourbon in 2014. According to Black Button there are 53-gallon barrels aging and the plan is to release an older bourbon at the proper time. Their goal is to move the Small Batch Four Grain Straight Bourbon and Cask Strength Whiskey to 5 years, and their Distillers Reserve Bourbon to 10 years.

The distillery states that a recent Inc. 5000 announcement lists Black Button as the second fastest growing craft distillery in the United States. Not only do they produce a number of bourbons, they also produce rye whiskey, and several types of gin and vodka. Presently Black Button can ship product to 38 states. You can learn more about Black Button Distilling by visiting the link at the top of the article.

Stay tuned, I still have two more Black Button Bourbons to review.



Nose: Fresh Oak | Toffee | Leather

Palate: Light Caramel | Vanilla

Finish:Clean and easy, with slight hints of charred oak and vanilla.


Since 1922, my family’s button factory has provided some of the finest men’s suit buttons available. For four generations these buttons have closed high quality suits worn by Presidents, Popes, Kings, and Businessmen the world over. My name is Jason Barrett and it is my family’s commitment to making an excellent product that inspired me to start Black Button Distilling.

As a licensed Farm Distillery, Black Button Distilling is dedicated to preserving New York State’s rich agricultural heritage and reputation for quality manufacturing. We use over 90% New York State grown ingredients, which is reflected in the quality of each and every bottle of small batch spirits. Each of our spirits are handcrafted by our master distillers to be the perfect way to unwind after a good day’s work.

Disclaimer: Black Button Distilling provided Bourbon & Banter with a sample of their product for this review. We appreciate their willingness to allow us to review their products with no strings attached. Thank you.