Single Barrel Club

Welcome to the Bourbon & Banter Single Barrel Club!

For almost a decade, bourbon lovers worldwide have come to trust Bourbon & Banter for their unbiased reviews, barrel strength opinions, and honest, down-to-earth approach to spreading the bourbon gospel. We're now thrilled to offer our fans a chance to join our Single Barrel Club and gain access to purchase some of our favorite hand-picked barrels of America's finest whiskey.

Bourbon & Banter Single Barrel Club picks are chosen by the Bourbon & Banter team. Our Patreon supporters will be given first access to purchase bottles based on their pledge tier – at a discounted price. If any bottles remain, our retail partner will offer them for sale online. Our email subscribers will be notified first of their availability.

All single barrels are offered in partnership with a retail partner, who will handle the sale of bottles directly to end purchasers.

Single Barrel Club Pledge Levels

There are currently six (6) Patreon sponsorship levels that include Single Barrel Club membership. Patreon pledge levels are assigned a Group # to denote priority access to purchase from every single barrel. (Group 1 gets first access to buy, followed by Group 2, and so on until bottles are sold out.) Please visit the Bourbon & Banter Patreon page to learn more about each pledge level and the additional benefits you get in addition to priority access to purchase bottles at a discounted price.

Upcoming Single Barrel Club Releases

Please reference *footnotes for details regarding our retail partners' shipping policies and geographic footprint.

Four Roses Cask Strength – OBSQ / 10 yr 1 mo (completed)

Four Roses Cask Strength – OESQ / 10 yr 4 mos (completed)

Yellowstone Hand Picked Collection – 115 Proof (completed)

Barton 1792 – Full Proof – 125 Proof * (completed)

Rebel (Yell) Cask Strength – 120 Proof* (completed)

Ezra Brooks Cask Strength – 120 Proof* (completed)

Stellum Bourbon – Single Barrel Cask Strength** (completed)

Old Forester Single Barrel – Cask Strength*

Old Pepper Rye – Cask Strength*

The release schedule is subject to change as well as the order in which barrels are made available.

*Randall's Wine & Spirits is our retail partner for these barrels. Please note that currently Randall's only ships to the following states: AK | CA | DC | FL | ID | LA | MO | NE | NH | NM | NV | WY. Please keep this in mind when joining the Single Barrel Club.

**Our Stellum Single Barrel pick will be through a combination of retail partners allowing a larger shipping footprint than our other picks in 2021. Stay tuned more details.