Bourbon Truffles – Proof that God Exists

Maybe it’s the Catholic upbringing, but I must confess.  I’ve never been a fan of liquor-infused chocolates or candy. I can't say I've been a fan, whether it’s liquor cordials or bourbon balls. I’ll eat them, but you won’t find me seeking them out.

Bourbon Truffles – Proof that God Exists

Maybe it’s the Catholic upbringing, but I must confess.  I’ve never been a fan of liquor-infused chocolates or candy. Whether it’s liquor cordials or bourbon balls, I can’t say that I’ve been a fan. I’ll eat them, but you won’t find me seeking them out or claiming to have a “hankering” for them.

Art Eatables Original Bourbon Truffle

So when I was contacted by Kelly at Art Eatables asking me if I’d be interested in sampling her Bourbon Truffles, I was a little concerned. I love doing reviews and sharing my opinions with others, but I prefer to be able to say something wonderful about the product I’m reviewing so the company that’s sending me the product gets something beneficial from the relationship. Since I wasn’t a fan of liquor in my chocolate, I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t know if a review from me would be a good thing or not for Kelly.

You’d be a little nervous, too, right?

Fast forward to now as I write this review. Due to logistics issues, I’ve received 19 Bourbon Truffles from Kelly at Art Eatables. Only 5 of those 19 remain, and their odds of surviving beyond this evening are dwindling as quickly as a bottle of Woodford Double Oaked at a charity auction. (Boy, what I’m willing to do in the name of research.)

Art Eatables Black Cherry Truffle

For my review, I was sent two different sets of truffles to sample. The first box I sampled was The Beam Sampler which consists of their Original Bourbon Truffle, Signature Black Cherry Bourbon Truffle, Devilishly Good Bourbon Truffle and Black Bourbon Truffle. (Bonus points if you can name the Bourbons used to make each one of these truffles.) The second box of truffles consisted of 3 truffles made exclusively for Bourbon’s Bistro. That collection consisted of truffles paired with Old Grand-dad 114, Wild Turkey Rare Breed 107 and W.L. Weller 107.

So how did they taste?

Holy crap, did they taste amazing! All of my fear and concerns about chocolate and liquor have been vanquished. No longer will I consider myself a non-fan of the genre. In fact, I need to talk to Kelly and see if she’s up to offering a subscription plan for her truffles, so I never run out again.

If you’re a fan of Bourbon or chocolate, you need to stop everything immediately and place an order. I’m serious. Stop reading this review and click the link below to order some truffles.


All done? You did order at least eight truffles, right?

I suppose it’s time for the tasting details. But then again, you guys know how much I hate to do formal reviews with snooty-tasting notes, etc. Instead, I’m going to share with you Kelly’s tasting notes about each truffle, so you know what to expect. I’ll chime in with my comments in a more limited fashion. Here we go…

Truffle Name Kelly’s Tasting Notes My Comments
Original Bourbon Truffle First bite: pop of the milk chocolate shell, followed by silky smooth delicious milk chocolate center with a little bourbon tinge at the end. Second bite: a nice bold wave of bourbon with a smooth chocolate finish. Creamy and amazing in one small bite. This is how all liquor chocolates should behave.
Signature Black Cherry Bourbon Truffle First bite: pop of the dark chocolate shell, followed by silky smooth dark chocolate with an intense black cherry wave at the front Second bite: the bourbon peaks, blending with the dark chocolate in the end. If I can only eat one truffle for the rest of my life this is it. 
Devilishly Good Bourbon Truffle First bite: pop of the rich extra dark chocolate shell, followed by a silky smooth chocolate center the smooth bourbon note throughout. Second bite: hints of vanilla, bourbon and rich chocolate finish together as one. Some of the sweetness of this truffle comes from the bourbon itself, not just the chocolate. Sometimes you just need to dance with the devil. I suggest bringing these along.
Black Bourbon Truffle First bite: pop of the dark chocolate shell, followed by a silky smooth dark chocolate with gliding right alongside. Second bite: intense wave of smooth bourbon with a warm chocolate finish. A tuxedo. A sports car. Johnny Cash. Good things come in black and this truffle is no exception.
Old Grand-dad 114 Truffle Rich, woody cocoa shows itself up front and the bourbon makes a warm introduction early on. As the flavor lingers, the bourbon and cocoa meld gently, and a subtle, fruity note of currant or plum makes an appearance. The flavor finishes with a long, smooth glide of bourbon and cocoa. If you’re aunt would serve these during the holidays you wouldn’t mind putting up with her 1970’s home decor. Stock up now just in case.
Wild Turkey Rare Breed 107 Truffle From the first bite, both the cocoa and bourbon dance together on your tongue and gradually swell in intensity, ending as the sweetness fades, then the chocolate fades and a lingering warmth remains. I typically don’t condone bourbon and dancing being used in the same sentence. But for this truffle I’ll gladly make an exception. Stop giving us the bird and order some more now!
W.L. Weller 107 Truffle You’re presented with a flood of creamy chocolate flavor, and strong notes of butterscotch and toffee are featured as the bourbon shows itself. Smooth, warm, and long-lasting, this truffle is the perfect landing for your dessert flight.


Wait till the dessert flight? Are you crazy?

Give them to me now!

Whew! That was some seriously hard work getting through all those truffles. I must treat myself to the remaining truffles and a few glasses of Bourbon.

In all seriousness, though, I cannot recommend Art Eatables truffles enough. They are simply divine. They take the best of chocolate and Bourbon and make them better together. I know of no other example of alchemy that is as pleasing and soul-satisfying as what Kelly has done with her Bourbon Truffles.

Please check out her website and place an order for some truffles. She’s put in a lot of hard work, and good things are happening for her and her company. Keep your ears open, as I’m sure something big will be announced soon.

PS – Make sure to ‘Like’ them on Facebook as well.

Here’s a montage of photos of the first box I received so everyone could get an idea of the packaging and care given to each shipment.

Art Eatables Bourbon Truffles Packaging