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Comment Policy

Here at Bourbon & Banter we believe that conversation, or banter as we like to call it, is key to developing stronger relationships with those already in our lives and a must when it comes to making new friends. Comments on Bourbon & Banter are considered an extension of that conversation and we moderate all comments, holding them to a high standard. You are certainly welcome to provide feedback and criticism but please remember that opinions by default do hot have value and by no means are you entitled to have your opinion posted on a private website such as Bourbon & Banter.

To have your comments posted on Bourbon & Banter is a privilege that you earn by making sure your comments are civil, well thought out and on topic when posted on a specific post. We require that you use your real name and your real email address so we can hold you accountable for your comments. Bourbon & Banter are the final decision makers on whether or not your comments meet the above standards.

Now go on back to the blog posts and let us know what’s on your mind.