Call For July 4th Bourbon Cocktails

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Today is the last day of the work week for me as I was lucky enough to get a few days off at they July 4h holiday. I’m working on some major projects for the blog and I hope that a few days off will allow me to focus on them a bit more than usual. I suppose there’s the chance that I’ll loose focus once the bourbon starts to flow this evening but I guess that’s not a bad thing either.

Before things go off the rails I’d like to know what bourbon concoctions you have planned for your July 4th holiday. I realize that many of you only drink your bourbon straight but for those of you who enjoy mixing things up what drink is on your menu for tomorrow?

Please post your July 4th bourbon cocktail recipe in the comments section and I’ll pick one out from the group to make for myself and my bourbon-fearing wife and then write a review of the recipe and let you know if it made a dent in her bourbon wall of resistance.

And for those of you going it straight tomorrow let me know if you’re opening up something special to celebrate American Independence. 


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    I’ve got one for you, though the ingredients might make it tough to pull together for tomorrow (particularly if you don’t already have the bitters). In addition to bourbon it includes maraschino liqueur, plum sake and cherry bark vanilla bitters.

    At any rate, if it doesn’t sound readily-preparable, I’m intending to post it on my blog tomorrow if I can finagle a last-minute garnish for a picture.

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