Editorial Policy

Here at BourbonBanter.com, we take our stories, readers and drinking very seriously.

Our editorial team carefully chooses all of our articles and recipes. BourbonBanter.com does not accept payment or any kickback for anything we write about. No one can pay to be featured in an article written by BourbonBanter.com. We mean it: That’s what advertising is for.

BourbonBanter.com occasionally sends out emails featuring products or offerings from our sponsors; when paid for, these emails will always be explicitly labeled as “Partner Tip.” Likewise, social-media content provided by our sponsors is designated by either “(sponsored)” for Facebook or “(sp)” for Twitter. These sponsored emails and posts are one of the ways we keep the lights on around here. They’re how we keep those regular high-quality editorial stories coming.

FTC Disclosures and Relationships

Bourbon & Banter does not receive money for paid reviews of products or services.  Bourbon & Bourbon will accept free samples of products or services to review, but receipt of said items does not guarantee that a review will be performed, posted or written in favor of the submitting brand. We will, however, include affiliate links where we make money if a visitor decides to purchase a product from our link. We provide the following list of sources of income for Bourbon & Banter:

  • BourbonBanter.com is an Amazon affiliate, and we include links from time to time to Amazon products.
  • Sales of products via the bourbonbanter.com website
  • Bourbon education and training
  • Alcohol-related marketing consulting services