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Duke Cannon Big American Bourbon Soap Review

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Some people just can’t get enough Bourbon. There are candles you can light to fill your room with the magical scents of the rick house. There are Pappy Van Winkle barrel fermented cigars you can smoke that have literally been paired for you. And now Duke Cannon brings you a bar of soap containing Buffalo Trace Bourbon and ground corn so you can bathe with your favorite spirit – the Big American Bourbon Soap. I had originally intended this to be a video hands-on review, but my wife would have none of that. You’re welcome.

Duke Cannon Big American Bourbon Soap Details ImageThe first thing I will note is that nearly everything Duke Cannon has said about this product is true. It is a massive bar of soap, a design inspired by those issued to G.I.’s during the Korean War. They are fully committed to supporting our nation’s veterans, and this mission inspires their products. There actually are ground-up pieces of corn in the bar, though they are not as prevalent as you might expect. And the scent is decidedly not overpowering, perhaps due to the low proof of the Buffalo Trace Bourbon used (Rumor has it higher-proof BTAC versions will arrive next, though only available to consumers who have purchased a year’s supply of Fireball Soap previously).

Right out of the box you’ll notice the scent of leather. I honestly cannot detect any Bourbon flavors even after nosing it. Primarily it’s leather and soap. Like the whiskey itself in the glass, I assumed that the flavors would be unlocked under the water and heat from the shower.

Once I ran the bar of soap under the water, two things happened immediately: (1) The surface became a thick, lathered slick; and (2) the giant bar slipped out of my hand, leaving a size-able dent in the corner of it. This was a not-so-subtle warning to avoid any chance of this thing falling on one of your toes.  A sponge or washcloth would be highly recommended. I’d suggest a liquid version if the product takes off, but I also have to respect the bar design that pays homage to our soldiers.

What I’ve heard about Duke Cannon soaps in the past holds true here: They are big and they lather up really nicely. I was surprised to find that the initial aroma became less prominent once the soap was actually used. Even the leather faded into a fairly neutral soap scent. Don’t get me wrong- it’s not bad by any means. But you aren’t going to have any issues from police if you get pulled over. And you aren’t going to get strange looks from your co-workers, wondering if you spilled your morning whiskey on yourself. You’re not really going to smell like Bourbon.

And did you really want to anyway? The soap actually does have Buffalo Trace Bourbon in it. You can’t smell it and it probably doesn’t do anything for your skin (as they state clearly up front). But you know it’s in there and the Buffalo Trace logo is on the box and carved into the bar. Which makes this product perfect for what it is: A fun gift for a Bourbon fanatic.

So here’s my takeaway: It’s a quality bar of soap that will last a very long time for the $9.50 you’ll spend on it, whether or not your soul is magically transported to Kentucky while using it. The ground-up corn is not only a clever tie-in, but also acts as a natural exfoliant. I have personally known Buffalo Trace to be a great partner in supporting charitable causes, and with Duke Cannon donating a portion of every purchase to our nation’s veterans, it’s a product you can feel good about purchasing.

Disclaimer: Duke Cannon provided Bourbon & Banter with a sample of their product for this review.
We appreciate their willingness to allow us to review their products with no strings attached. Thank you.

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    Very nice write up. I have had my duke cannon bourbon soap for about 2 weeks now and enjoy it immensely. I even ordered their oak barrel buffalo trace solid cologne. Love the smell

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    I purchased a bar of the oak barrel about a week ago. I was looking for a manly soap and was drawn by the scent and large bar size. Unfortunately, after using the soap once my side broke out in a rash.

    The last and only time I broke out from a bar of soap was using castile soap.

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