George Remus Bourbon Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect when MGP announced they were taking over the George Remus label. I was secretly hoping that their first release would be a big hitting bourbon with some advanced age on it to get people worked up.

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NOSE: Floral | Rye Spice | Sweet Corn | Kiss of Vanilla

TASTE: Black Pepper | Sweet Corn | Rye Spice

FINISH: Sweet peppery finish of medium length with a hint of maple as the finish fades. Followed by a delayed surge of throat burning warmth.

SHARE WITH: Anyone that’s had more than a few sips of bourbon in the past few years has consumed an MGP bourbon. Therefore just about anyone that enjoys bourbon would be good company to enjoy George Remus Bourbon.

WORTH THE PRICE: $44.99 for an MGP high-rye bourbon is a pretty good deal considering what some other brands charge for juice with the same provenance.

BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: If you like high-rye bourbons that are a bit on the lighter and spicy side, this one is a no brainer. Grab a bottle and sip it neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail. You really can’t go wrong based on MGP’s track record and the quality of their products.

OVERALL: I wasn’t sure what to expect when MGP announced they were taking over the George Remus label. I was secretly hoping that their first release would be a big hitting bourbon with some advanced age on it to get people worked up. This bourbon is not that. However, I’m only disappointed that my expectations were for something entirely different. This release is an excellent example of why MGP is one of the most respected distilleries in the United States. It’s classic MGP high-rye bourbon with a good balance of sweetness and spice at a price point that doesn’t break the bank for regular bourbon drinkers. It doesn’t measure up to heavy hitting bourbons, but neither does the price. I could see this easily becoming a bar mainstay for folks as it’s a solid sipper and stands up well in a classic bourbon cocktail. Now that their debut product is in the market I hope they fulfill my initial hopes for a high-proof, aged bourbon with depth that boggles the mind. Fingers crossed.


From Apothecary to Kingpin, George Remus created one of the most intricate, successful bootlegging operations of Prohibition. GEORGE REMUS® Bourbon captures the rebellious spirit of that era with a hint of vanilla, a maple aroma and a sweet-yet-characteristic rye flavor.

Saying George Remus was just a bootlegger is like saying Hemingway was just a writer. In the 1920s, if baseball had Ruth, bourbon had Remus.

But this King George didn’t reside in England, he was a son of Cincinnati. Starting as an apothecary, he soon found a loophole or two to craft bourbon for “medicinal purposes.”

Knowing a great opportunity when he saw it, and a great bourbon when he created it, he began his Prohibition empire. While he respected the Volstead Act, to King George, it was but a mere suggestion.

Holding uncompromising standards, King George demanded two things from his circle of trusted workers: a mash bill to his exact specifications, and of course, the ability to keep a secret.

But when you craft a bourbon this good, a secret can be a hard thing to keep.

NOSE: Sweet with notes of maple and vanilla

PALATE: Hint of vanilla and a sweet – yet – characteristic rye flavor

MOUTHFEEL: cinnamon spice with creamy butterscotch pudding

FINISH: Smooth, long finish, giving way to the subtle vanilla sweetness


June 6, 2017 (Lawrenceburg, IN) – MGP Ingredients, owner of George Remus Bourbon, named after the legendary “King of the Bootleggers,” has released George Remus Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a smoother, more complex whiskey with a new bottle design. Available in select markets, George Remus is made at MGP’s historic, 170-year-old distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

“We’re whiskey lovers and are very proud to offer this updated styling of George Remus Bourbon,” says Andrew Mansinne, Vice President of Brands, MGP Ingredients. “This is a complex bourbon whiskey that showcases our signature, high-rye profile and the talent of our distillation team, who have artfully crafted George Remus Bourbon into a beautiful and bold spirit inspired by George Remus’ rebellious and entrepreneurial character.”

George Remus was a Cincinnati lawyer who created one of the most intricate and successful bootlegging operations of the Prohibition era. Known as “King of the Bootleggers,” Remus owned many of America’s most famous distilleries, and became a multi-millionaire before losing it all. It has been claimed that he inspired the notorious character of Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. His parties were just as legendary, and on at least one occasion Remus presented all the men with diamond stickpins as parting gifts, and their wives with new cars.

MGP acquired the George Remus whiskey label in November 2016 from Queen City Whiskey Co. in nearby Cincinnati, and has been building on the brand’s local reputation in Ohio and Kentucky. George Remus Straight Bourbon is a high-rye blend of bourbon whiskies aged over four years. With a hint of vanilla, a maple aroma, and a sweet-yet-characteristic rye flavor, George Remus captures a timeless flavor profile that over-delivers on rich, bourbon character, in keeping with the largesse of its namesake.

George Remus Straight Bourbon Whiskey retails for a suggested $44.99 per 750-ml bottle, and is available as of June 2017 in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin and Nebraska, and in Minnesota as of July 1, 2017. Additional markets will be announced.

Disclaimer: Bourbon & Banter received a sample of this product from the brand for review. We appreciate their willingness to allow us to review their products with no strings attached. Thank you.