Introducing Wild Turkey Master's Keep Voyage

Wild Turkey Master's Keep Voyage is a 10-year-old bourbon finished in Jamaican rum casks, marking the first rum cask finish in Wild Turkey's history.

Introducing Wild Turkey Master's Keep Voyage


Wild Turkey, the renowned American bourbon brand, has announced the launch of its latest expression, Master's Keep Voyage, as part of its annual limited-edition series. Crafted by Master Distiller Eddie Russell in collaboration with Dr. Joy Spence, the esteemed Master Blender of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, this unique whiskey is a 10-year-old bourbon finished in Jamaican rum casks, marking the first rum cask finish in Wild Turkey's history. Master's Keep Voyage will be available at select retailers starting in July.

The release of Master's Keep Voyage represents an opportunity for Wild Turkey to redefine the possibilities of bourbon-making. Eddie Russell, Master Distiller of Wild Turkey, expressed his excitement about collaborating with Dr. Joy Spence, stating that their shared passion for storytelling through spirits is evident in this one-of-a-kind whiskey.

Master's Keep Voyage reflects the expertise of both Eddie Russell and Dr. Joy Spence, who have over 80 years of combined experience in crafting exceptional spirits. Dr. Spence selected the finest casks from Appleton Estate, known for their 14-year-old pot still rum, to complement the robust flavors and rich caramel undertones of Wild Turkey's extra-aged bourbons. These rum casks were then transported to the Wild Turkey Distilling Co. in Kentucky, where Eddie Russell handpicked a batch of 10-year-old bourbon aged in the distillery's classic No. 4 char barrels. The bourbon underwent a finishing period in the rum casks within the heat of a Kentucky timber rickhouse, resulting in a distinctively tropical-influenced American whiskey characterized by fruity notes, caramel, aged oak, and a warm, lingering finish of chocolate and spice.

Dr. Joy Spence, Master Blender of Appleton Estate, emphasized the goal of achieving harmony between the rum and bourbon flavors in Voyage. By aging Eddie Russell's carefully selected batch of 10-year-old bourbon in Appleton Estate's finest casks, a new level of flavor was attained, offering whiskey and bourbon enthusiasts an exciting way to savor their favorite spirits.

The Master's Keep series, initiated in 2015, was born out of Eddie Russell's desire to explore unconventional aging techniques and finishes in bourbon-making. Each release in the collection is highly coveted and produced in limited quantities.

Master's Keep Voyage will be available nationwide at selected retailers from July onwards, with a suggested retail price of $275 for a 750ml bottle. Wild Turkey and Appleton Estate encourage consumers to savor this exceptional whiskey responsibly and take the time to fully appreciate its unique qualities.