Monk’s Road Fifth District Series II Toasted Barrel Finish Review

If you want to try something new and not from one of the big distilleries, try this one.

Monk’s Road Fifth District Series II Toasted Barrel Finish Review


  • DISTILLER: Produced and bottled by Log Still Distillery.
  • MASH BILL: High rye bourbon mash bill, but further details were not disclosed.
  • AGE: 8 Years Old
  • YEAR: 2023
  • PROOF: 100 (50% AVB)
  • MSRP: $99.99
  • BUY ONLINE: Bourbon Outfitter


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WORTH THE PRICE: It’s close, but yes. I don’t love spending $100 on bottles when there are a ton of high-quality options available at prices that are sometimes less than half of what this bottle costs. This one was a pleasant surprise for me. It’s worth the splurge, especially considering what some of these other newer brands are putting out for close to the same price at half the age.

BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: Bottle. If you want to try something new and not from one of the big distilleries, try this one. According to their website, Monk’s Road is only available in 10 states, with another three states starting distribution within 5-8 months. It is also available online.

OVERALL: I was impressed by this bourbon. I typically do not care for finished bourbons. Like at all. I continue to try them hoping I’ll find one that changes my mind, but I usually come away disappointed. This was one of the rare times when I was not. I really liked this one. Aged at 8 years and 100 proof, this is a great sipper. It has a sweet note of honey and butterscotch on the nose. The nose reminded me of the old Bit O’ Honey candy. (I had to look this up; apparently, they still make the stuff). Only the slightest hint of smokiness or char on the palate is overshadowed by some Turbinado sugar flavors mingled with some baking spices. There is a pleasant peppery Rye tingle on the tongue before you get into a good medium finish with a friendly Kentucky Hug to complete your journey.

Again, I usually shy away from finished bourbons. This one I liked. A lot. Maybe it's because it’s a Toasted Barrel finish, not something more prominent like a Sherry, Rum, or Mizunara finish. At this point, Log Still is sourcing their bourbon, but if this is what they are doing now, I look forward to seeing what they will bring to market in the future.


The Fifth District line of Monk’s Road Bourbons is a limited release series of rotating spirits that pay tribute to the historic distilleries of the fifth tax district. Our second release in the Fifth District Series pays homage to F.M. Head Distillery, which our DSP number 47 is derived from.

This expression honors F.M. Head as an exceptional 8-year-old high rye bourbon finished with a secondary toasted barreling.

  • Nose: Bold and crisp notes of cherry and vanilla with a hint of honey.
  • Palate: Smokiness of campfire compliments cherry and spice notes.
  • Finish: This high-rye bourbon has a very smooth and creamy finish.

Disclaimer: Bourbon & Banter received a sample of this product from the brand for review. We appreciate their willingness to allow us to review their products with no strings attached. Thank you.