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Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Bob BennettLeave a Comment

I’ve had a lot of bourbon that has a great nose, then everything is downhill from there. This one is very much the opposite. The noise isn’t strong, and the notes I get aren’t ones that I gravitate towards usually. A bit of musty oak and leather, and a very slight hint of anise. What the hell, a hint of black licorice! You know, the stuff that sits at the bottom of the candy aisle in that one corner market in your childhood neighborhood. You’ve never seen anyone eat it, the same box has been there forever, yet one package mysteriously disappears every few months. Maybe whiskey makers are secretly scouring the country for that candy. Anyway, it’s there in the nose of Old Elk.

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Legent Bourbon Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Steve Coomes4 Comments

If you like bourbon neat, this is for you. If you’re a Scotch drinker used to low-proof and wine-cask finishes, this is for you. If you like flavorful cocktails that aren’t in-your-face bold, this is a versatile whiskey that’ll do the job. Instead of stirring to dilute like you normally would to chill an old fashioned or Manhattan, place this in the fridge to maintain its fuller flavor.

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Widow Jane 10 Year Old Bourbon Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Brent Joseph1 Comment

Overall I was pretty impressed with this current expression of Widow Jane 10. This is actually my second review of Widow Jane. I wrote a a review of the Widow Jane 10 Year Old Single Barrel bourbon a few years ago after they sent me a sample to try and I wasn’t a fan. I was shocked when Bourbon & Banter was contacted to see if I would be interested in trying it again. I

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Short Mountain Distillery Bourbon Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews, Drink Reviews by Matt SelfLeave a Comment

This is a true craft distillery putting out a unique product in very limited quantities. I’m not sure what Short Mountain is trying to accomplish with their whiskey, though. The brand notes describe a classic bourbon but everything from their mash bill to their distillation technique is far from classic. So it is not surprising that the bourbon is far from “classic.”

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Bourbon Justice Book Review

In Book Reviews by Brett Atlas2 Comments

It’s also a dusty hunter’s dream. I finally learned the origins of some pre-prohibition whiskeys I’ve tried including Old Jordan (found in a 3-gallon glass carboy in a pharmacist’s office!), as well as a bottle from The American Medicinal Spirits Corporation that Pops poured some lucky Bourbon & Banter writers at his house a couple of years ago.

You’ve certainly read about landmark bourbon citations including the Bottled-In-Bond Act, the Taft Decision and others. But nobody until now has put them in their rightful historical context. Haara’s crowning achievement with Bourbon Justice is to emphasize bourbon’s true impact on the future of American business.

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Belle Meade Bourbon Craftsman Cask Collection: Honey Cask Finish Review

In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Steve CoomesLeave a Comment

Just as they did with the Mourvèdre wine cask finish I reviewed this year, the Nelson brothers’ knack for cask finishing is proven again in this release. When given a full bottle sample my habit is to sip and make cocktails from the first half, allowing time for the rest of the whiskey to get some air; shortly after that point, I switch back to neat for reviewing, and then cocktails if there’s any left. Frankly, I’d be hard pressed to do any cocktailing with this. The supple sweetness picked up from the honey darn near makes it a cocktail on its own. If you can find one, I wager you’ll be delighted.