The Holmes Cay Single Origin Edition Fiji Rum Review

The Holmes Cay Fiji Rum – Single Origin Edition is a blend of lightly aged molasses-based pot and column still rum from South Pacific Distilleries in Lautoka, Fiji.

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  • DISTILLER: South Pacific Distilleries in Lautoka, Fiji. Using products from both pot and column stills.
  • MASH BILL: A blend of molasses-based rums with no sugar, color, or other flavors being added.
  • AGE: NAS - No Age Statement, a blend of "lighty" aged rums.
  • YEAR: 2021
  • PROOF: 92 Proof (46% ABV)
  • MSRP: $52.99


SHARE WITH: This is an interesting product to share with fellow rum enthusiasts.  Its unusual flavors, yet very much a rum experience, will spark conversation and perhaps differing opinions.

WORTH THE PRICE: At just over $50 a bottle for a very limited quantity released (2260 bottles), this would point to a bargain.  If you have the means and want to go out on a limb in terms of flavor, then yes, it is worth the price.

BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: This is definitely a BAR for me, if you can, try it first.

OVERALL: This is a really unique experience, with the blended "lightly aged" spirits, it is surprisingly smooth.  It does have a young grassy flavor, and a lot of rum sweetness.  It is very light but has enough body to taste.  I find myself going back to it again and again trying to nail down all of the unique flavors.

The nose starts with the expected molasses sweetness, with hints of green grass and a butterscotch note in the background.  There is a slight pepperiness as well.

Tasting reminds you of the rum you found on the nose with some notes of hay and again the pepper comes through.  It finishes quickly with the lingering taste of the pepper found upfront.  In no way is it unpleasant, yet it mixes the familiar flavors expected from rum with some additional complexity.  It is nicely balanced.

The light flavor, would probably not stand up to mixing in cocktails.  Adding ice diminished the sweet rum flavors and left me with an unpleasant grassy profile.  It is definitely meant to be sipped neat.



The Holmes Cay Fiji Rum – Single Origin Edition is a blend of lightly aged molasses-based pot and column still rum from South Pacific Distilleries in Lautoka, Fiji. Holmes Cay founder Eric Kaye, in collaboration with the hosts of the Rumcast podcast, chose this exceptional, unadulterated blend to introduce to US spirits lovers in a 2260-bottle limited edition.

This honest rum has no sugar, no color and no other flavors added in distillation or in blending.


Grass, citrus and pepper on the nose, clove and honey on the tongue, and a pop of hay and pepper on the finish.



In Collaboration with the Rumcast Podcast, Holmes Cay Launches a New Super-Premium, Limited Edition Product Line Focusing on Single Origin Rum

New York, NY (June 22, 2021) – With a mission to discover the rarest, hard to find rums since its inaugural release two years ago, Holmes Cay Rum has curated a continuously evolving collection of the best small-batch, limited-edition rums, all distilled naturally and presented without additives. Rum explorer and Holmes Cay founder Eric Kaye has embarked on a new journey. Today Holmes Cay, in collaboration with the Rumcast Podcast, is debuting its new ‘Fiji Rum’, the first in a new limited edition product line—focusing on products with a single origin country or distillery—with only 2,260 bottles available.

Kaye brought his brand to life after years of traveling the globe and discovering that many special, hard to find rums rarely found their way to North America. Founded to help spirits lovers discover the exciting diversity of rum flavors, Holmes Cay created its newest Single Origin Editions, chosen for exceptional taste and versatility, to build on this principle. The inaugural Single Origin Edition ‘Fiji Rum’ blend appeals not only to collectors and explorers of new spirits, but also to a younger demographic of imbibers with an accessible and exceptional flavor profile. The continuous discovery and release of these new and special products keeps Holmes Cay fans engaged with something new to share.

The Fiji Single Origin Rum was developed in collaboration with Rumcast podcast co-hosts John Gulla and Will Hoekenga. “We were discussing unadulterated rums and flavor profiles that we would like to see in the market and are gratified that our Holmes Cay collaboration is making this unique selection available in the US,” said Will Hoekenga.

Eric Kaye added, “When we tasted the ‘Fiji Rum’ blend created for the Rumcast, we loved it so much that we felt we had to share it with other spirits lovers. It felt like the perfect fit to launch the Single Origin Edition series. In the series we aim to highlight limited edition rum expressions from a single country or distillery, just as we started with Holmes Cay - Single Cask Rum to share aged, single casks. Because rum is a global spirit produced in a variety of ways, we exist to showcase the excellence and the diversity of flavor in this spirit.”

The Holmes Cay ‘Fiji Rum’ is a molasses-based blend of pot and column still rum from South Pacific Distilleries in Lautoka, Fiji, presented at 46% ABV. The spirit has grass, citrus and pepper on the nose, clove and honey on the tongue, and a pop of hay and pepper on its finish.  Like all Holmes Cay offerings, the ‘Fiji Rum’ blend is a natural rum made without additives and is personally chosen by Eric Kaye with a mission to share these hard to find rum gems with discerning drinkers everywhere.  Here’s to continuing the exploration of the world’s best rums with Holmes Cay!

The Holmes Cay ‘Fiji Rum’ - Single Origin Edition is now available for wholesale orders with a suggested retail price of $49 (750 ml bottle).  It is distributed in New York, California, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona,
Florida and is also available throughout the US via various online retailers.

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Disclaimer: Holmes Cay provided Bourbon & Banter with a sample of their product for this review. We appreciate their willingness to allow us to review their products with no strings attached. Thank you