The Architecture of the Shot Book Review

The Architecture of the Shot Image

Note: Thanks to the fine folks at Quarto Publishing for providing us with a copy of The Architecture of the Shot for review and giveaway with no strings attached.

If you walk into a bar these days, you’ll see machines that can dispense chilled shots of Jaegermeister, Fireball, or whatever the local favorite college hangover inducer happens to be. Ask for a shot, and you’re likely to be handed something that smells like cotton candy and tastes like Kool-Aid with a hint of paint thinner. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When skillfully prepared, with layers of flavors, a shot can rival even some classic cocktails as a way to introduce your friends to a world of spirits beyond cheap whiskey and chilled Fireball, and be a drink even the proudest whiskey snob can’t pass up. Paul Knorr provides some assistance with his book, The Architecture of the Shot: Constructing the Perfect Shot from the Bottom Up. Continue Reading →

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Bourbon Flash Sale – 10% Off Everything

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If you’ve been holding off picking up something special for the bourbon lover in your life today’s the day to finally pull the trigger. We’re offering 10% off everything in our store today and tomorrow only. Factor in free shipping on everything and there’s no reason not to stock up on a few things for yourself as well. We’ve even got our Bourbon Patriot Flags in stock now so you can get a few of those for stocking stuffers.

Happy shopping!

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2015 Bourbon Holiday Gift Guide

2015 Bourbon Holiday Gift Guide Image

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Now that the holiday season has officially begun we’d like to share with you our picks for this year’s 2015 Bourbon Holiday Gift Guide. In this year’s guide you’ll find a wide array of items that just about any bourbon lover would enjoy. We’ve got practical items like books and flasks that won’t break the bank as well as more expensive wish list items like a home still and a diamond studded bar spoon. (A bourbon drinker has got to dream, right?)

Click on an image in the list below to visit the item’s website where you can get more information and make a purchase. Continue Reading →

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Maker’s Mark Third Still Now Operational

Maker's Mark Third Still Photo

Our friends over at Maker’s Mark just sent us this update regarding their plans to expand the distillery which were originally shared with the public back in 2014.

After a great deal of time and effort, Maker’s Mark Distillery’s third still is live and the bourbon is flowing! Fastidious about quality and hands-on bourbon making, the third still will increase bourbon production in the Maker’s Mark® way. The third still is a mirror image of the distillery’s two existing stills, guaranteeing that Master Distiller Greg Davis can replicate the same time-honored process, quality and consistency set forth by our Founder, Bill Samuels, Sr., over 60 years ago. Sure, it may take a bit longer, but the purposefully inefficient process will remain just as it’s always been. The new still will sit next to the two existing stills that currently produce every drop of Maker’s Mark Bourbon. Continue Reading →

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