The Anytimer Cocktail featuring Bulleit Bourbon

Anytimer Cocktail with Bulleit Bourbon

Happy Friday everyone! Being that it’s the first Friday of National Bourbon Heritage Month we thought we’d share a cocktail recipe for those who want to celebrate but don’t necessarily drink their bourbon neat or straight on the rocks. This recipe called ‘The Anytimer’ is from the folks over at Bulleit bourbon. Don’t let recipe’s call for “1.3 oz” of bourbon confuse use. Bump it up to an even 1.5 oz or go big at 2 oz. Either way you won’t have any regrets.

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Bourbon Home Delivery According to Bourbon Home Delivery Stats Infographic

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wished that someone would deliver bourbon to your house on demand.  Don’t be shy. It’s perfectly normal to have these types of thoughts running through your head. In fact, it’s so normal that has built a business around delivering booze to American’ homes. While I’m unable to enjoy their services where I live at the moment, I thought it would be fun to see what type of data they have around how American’s are consuming bourbon via home delivery.  Lucky for us the folks at were totally up for sharing their data to help us kick of National Bourbon Heritage Month.

The graphic above shows that of all liquor sales delivered by, bourbon represents 14%. Not to shabby but I’m holding out hope that number goes before the end of the year.

It also lists what the top 20 bourbon products are for 2015 year to date ordered via Did one of your favorites make the list?

They also informed me that during September 2014 the most popular bourbon was Maker’s Mark. We’ll be keeping tabs on orders for this September and will provide an update next month to see if Maker’s Mark was able to retain their title this year.

We hope you find this information interesting as we plan on bringing you updates from on a quarterly basis moving forward. And with a little luck we’ll work to match it up against overall industry sales and determine if data can help predict who the winners are losers will be throughout the year.

Drop us a note in the comments and share what bourbon would be your first choice if ordering it for home delivery.

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A User’s Guide to the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience Header

Anyone who has traveled the Kentucky Bourbon Trail knows that most of the distilleries on the Trail are located far outside of city centers like Lexington and Louisville. This is only natural, of course—a more remote location guarantees better connections to the grains, pure water, and acreage necessary for a distillery. So what’s a girl to do when she has a couple of spare hours in Louisville and has a hankering for bourbon? After a stop by Art Eatables for fantastic bourbon truffles (a must in Louisville) I popped on over to the Evan Williams experience on Museum Row in Louisville for my bourbon fix one afternoon.

Let’s start with a disclaimer: all Evan Williams bourbon is not produced at the Evan Williams Experience, but instead produced at a distillery a few miles down the road which is not open to tours. The EWE has a small craft distillery that produces about a barrel a day, Tuesday through Saturday, and apparently makes fantastic juice—just ask Ginny Tonic, who has had the enviable chance to taste their 1-year-old and new make. Evan Williams is by no means my favorite brand, but I had heard good things about the museum so I wanted to check it out. Continue Reading →

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Kicking Off National Bourbon Heritage Month

National Bourbon Heritage Month 2015

Welcome to National Bourbon Heritage Month
The biggest and baddest month of the year for bourbon lovers.

Unlike other made-up holidays like National Donut Day or International Vodka & Violins Day, National Bourbon Heritage Month is an observance established by the US government back in 2007. Here’s a little background to memorize in case anyone challenges you on the topic.

National Bourbon Heritage Month is an observance in the United States that calls for celebration of bourbon as America’s “Native Spirit”. On August 2, 2007, the US Senate declared September 2007 as “National Bourbon Heritage Month.” The bill, sponsored by Republican Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky, passed by unanimous consent. The resolution calls for consumers who enjoy bourbon to do so responsibly and in moderation. The bill reinforces the 1964 Act of Congress that declared bourbon “America’s Native Spirit” by celebrating the family heritage, tradition and deep-rooted legacy that the bourbon industry contributes to the United States.

You see? It’s a bona-fide month-long celebration of bourbon. Can you think of a better way to spend the next 30 days? Continue Reading →

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