Old Jonas Cocktail Recipe

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Editor’s Note: Today’s Help Wanted guest blog post is from Mike Zoltek. Mike presents us with his Old Jonas cocktail recipe . We hope you enjoy his post and chime in accordingly in the comments section. Also make sure to connect with Mike online at @MikeZoltek or @mikezoltek


Blizzards are quite possibly the best reason to drink. You can’t possibly drive anywhere and your greatest risk is falling asleep on your couch, floor, stairs or bathroom instead of your own bed. I have a decent sized whiskey collection that consists of about 55-60 bottles plus close to a dozen unopened samples I have traded for along the way. I made a large error in not thinking beyond what food I’m going to eat and what movies I need to download purchase legally for the 36 hours I will be stuck at home.

Knowing I had a plethora of whiskey to drink and new stuff to try I never acknowledged the fact that I could want something that isn’t a 2 ounce pour of something neat. I’m a cocktail guy and as much as I love a glass of anything dark in a glass I love good cocktails. That is why I am here to introduce you to one the simplest cocktail I’ve ever made. I shall now call it the Old Jonas. Continue Reading →

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Willett Exploratory Cask Finish Review

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Editor’s Note: Michael Reese is our guest blogger today with his Willett Exploratory Cask Finish review. As with our other Help Wanted applicants we ask that you share your thoughts on his post in the comments as well as online where you can find Michael at @mike_reese89 or @mgrphoto.


The Willett brand, owned by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers Limited, has taken a 7-year-old rye and finished it for 90 days in French Curacao casks. If you’re unfamiliar, curacao is a liqueur made with the laraha citrus fruit grown on the island of Curacao. If it sounds familiar that’s because one version of the liqueur is the infamous bar cocktail add-in, blue curacao, popular in tiki drinks around the world.

The Willett Exploratory Cask Finish Version 1.0 is the first in what is planned to be a series of releases in the Exploratory Cask Finish (XCF) line and is priced at a premium price of $140 a bottle, available at first in the Willett Gift Shop with distribution growing. The finishing of a whiskey in a curacao cask is highly uncommon and presents a very unique divergence from the standard cask finishing offerings available on the market today. Continue Reading →

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Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon Review

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Editor’s Note: Paul Brown is our guest blogger today with his Evan Williams Single Barrel review. As with our other Help Wanted applicants we ask that you share your thoughts on his post in the comments as well as online where you can find Paul at @pabrown24 or @pabrown24.


Everyone has seen the increase in the price of bourbon recently too, along with more and more bottles becoming highly allocated. It is nice to have a bourbon that tastes good, isn’t $100, and you don’t have to sign up for a lottery to get a bottle. Sure, people love to go after the BTACs and Pappy’s, but for a lot of people, those are impossible to get. Where I live in DC, stores sell those for $1,000+ if they have them. In Virginia, they don’t have them.

That is why I am reviewing Evan Williams Single Barrel. I know what you’re thinking…Evan Williams? Isn’t that some cheap stuff I drank in college? Sure, Evan Williams might have a reputation on the bottom shelf, but their Single Barrel version should not be placed in that category. It is a completely different animal. This is a readily available 10-year-old bourbon that delivers on price and taste. I enjoy it and I think you probably would too. Continue Reading →

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A Canadian Whisky Tasting

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Editor’s Note: Today’s Help Wanted guest blog post is from Bill Franks. Bill elected to bring us some Canadian Whisky banter and addresses the hype and controversy surrounding this year’s World Whisky of the Year selection from Jim Murray. We hope you enjoy his post and chime in accordingly in the comments section. Also make sure to connect with Bill online at @ncoach903


A Canadian Whisky the World’s Best for 2016! shouted the headline on November 20th 2015. This was a first for Canada and the whole country was thrilled to hear it. The next day the whisky (Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye) was sold out. As I write this article on January 27th, the whisky remains sold out. If a case arrives at a store it all sells in a matter of minutes.

How often is there a front page news story on whisky? Those of us who are knowledgeable about whisky are aware that Jim Murray and his Whisky Bible are not the be all and end all of whisky assessment and ranking. In fact on January 15, 2016, a panel of ten independent whisky experts using a blind tasting panel technique, named Lot No. 40 as the Canadian Whisky of the Year. Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye did not win in Canada, yet was declared the World’s Best for 2016. Some education for the masses was sorely needed! Continue Reading →

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