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Celebrating National Whiskey Sour Day

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With summer temperatures continuing to soar past the 100-degree mark (at least here in Washington, DC), I find myself of the mindset that summer may actually never end. Though I will be happy to shed the need for 75 SPF to protect my rather fair skin and not feel like I am stepping out into a swamp every morning, I will miss the days of pool lounging and patio drinking.

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Lost Ark Distilling Company – Bottle Proof TV

In Banter by Patrick "Pops" GarrettLeave a Comment is the creation of Brian Bolter, owner of Dry 85, a bourbon bar in Annapolis that we’ve written about in the past. Brian is a former TV newscaster that, in his words, “traded news for booze.” His newest enterprise,, is a freelance video production company connecting viewers to the beverage in their glass. Bottle Proof uncovers and brings to life that unique DNA behind the labels of the distilled spirits, craft beer, and wine industry.

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Heads & Tails: The Dead Tired Edition

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Welcome to this week’s installment of Heads & Tails – The Dead Tired Edition.

Why ‘The Dead Tired’ edition? Because that’s what I am. I’m worn out.

The day job has been kicking my butt, and our excellent team of writers has been keeping me hopping with new stories to post and fantastic ideas for growing Bourbon & Banter. Despite the ideas and energy from the team, I need a bit of a recharge.

With Bourbon Heritage Month kicking off on 9/1 and all that brings to our efforts here at Bourbon & Banter we’re going to slow things down a bit leading up to September. Post frequency may drop a bit the next two weeks but don’t worry; we’ll be back in full force in time to celebrate the best month of the year.

Enjoy today’s Heads & Tails and keep the feedback coming on our posts and social media. We love hearing from you and quite honestly, you’re the reason we keep the lights on around here.

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Blanton’s Gold Bourbon Review

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Blanton’s Gold is a higher proofed version of Blanton’s that is only available in International markets and duty-free outlets (if you are lucky). Truth be told, Blanton’s is my favorite higher end bourbon and pretty much my standard when trying something new. Not necessarily on taste and flavor profile but more along the lines of value and bang for my buck. For example, if I come across a new bourbon that costs $100/bottle, would I rather have a bottle of Blanton’s and a bottle of something else or even a bottle and a half of Blanton’s or would I prefer to spend my money on the new $100 bottle. The Gold version is bottled at 51.5% while the standard version is bottled at 46.5%. The additional 5% makes a huge difference. The bottle is the same, but the label is different. The Gold version has no paper label, and the text is printed in gold directly on the bottle. The Gold version also has a gold colored bottle topper instead of the standard pewter topper that sits on top of the standard release.

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Abraham Bowman Limited Edition Wheat Bourbon Review

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During our recent tour of the A. Smith Bowman Distillery, our guide, Ralph, mentioned that the distillery would be releasing their next limited edition soon.

The Bowman Distillery does a limited edition release periodically. Something different every time. Last year they released a Port Finished Bourbon and a Wine Finished Bourbon. The Port Finished Bourbon was awarded World’s Best Bourbon Whiskey at the North America Whiskies & Spirits Conference in New York where the World Whiskies Awards were announced on February 23, 2016. The Port and Wine Finished bourbons are exceptional. Other releases have included the Last Millennium a mix of 13 and 15-year-old bourbons, Gingerbread Finished Bourbon, Vanilla Bean Finished Bourbon, and High Rye Bourbon.

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What’s Wrong with My Whiskey?

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I love opening new bottles. There’s something almost romantic about it, it is something about that first sip. It is especially exciting when you’re opening a bottle of something special your friends have been yammering about, but you’ve never tried.

You pour that brown water into your glass, raise it to your nose, inhale the aroma, put it to your lips, taste it, and the first thought to come to your mind is, “Meh.”

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Dead Distillers: A History of Upstarts and Distillers Who Made American Spirits

In Book Reviews by Brett AtlasLeave a Comment

Dead Distillers, Colin Spoelman and David Haskell’s follow up to 2013’s The Guide to Urban Moonshining, is a truly unique walk through the history of whiskey- in many cases a walk through actual cemeteries! Spoelman, a Kentucky native, and hobby moonshiner founded New York’s King’s County Distillery. The first NYC distillery opened since Prohibition, King’s County produces all of its whiskey including its brand new Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon (distillery-only right now but will see wider distribution). Haskell, deputy editor at New York Magazine, just happens to be the great-grandson of a prohibition-era New York Bootlegger.