18 Flavors of Whisky

18 Flavors of Whisky Infographic

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Who doesn’t love a good infographic? Make it a whisky infographic and doubt there’s anyone out there with a pulse and good taste that wouldn’t fall in love.

So be prepared to fall in love…

I give you the 18 Flavors of Whisky infographic created by Sean Seidell. Sean is Philadelphia-based graphic designer who was obviously put on earth to help create cool booze-related infographics for us to enjoy on Thursdays. You can learn a little more about Sean via his Facebook page or his website – where you can also purchase a waterproof placemat of the 18 Flavors of Whisky. If you’re at all intrigued by his work please support his efforts with a purchase. I think the positive encouragement will keep him working on new infographics that will delight and amaze us.

Thanks Sean for making our Thursday even better!

18 Flavors of Whisky

Click here to view an extra-large version of the 18 Flavors of Whisky infographic.




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