9 Months Without Bourbon

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Justin's Bourbon Collection

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine 9 months without bourbon. Scary, right?

As a dedicated bourbon drinker what if you couldn’t drink bourbon for over 9 months?

Last July, two Bourbon & Banter readers from St. Louis embarked on a journey to explore Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail and enjoy their first few nights alone from their 9-month old twins. By all accounts, they had a wonderful time exploring the splendor of bourbon country and sampling some of Kentucky’s finest.

It’s been about 9 months and a few days from Justin & Christine’s bourbon blitzkrieg and I’m pleased to announce they just welcomed their third child into the world, Jackson Lee, last week.  (That’s what we call bourbon math folks. 😎 ) If this kid doesn’t grow up to be a bourbon lover I know a few parents who are going to hugely disappointed.

Justin & Christine at Whiskey in the WinterI was fortunate to meet Justin and Christine B. this past November at Whiskey in the Winter, St. Louis’ first whiskey festival. Justin was the lucky recipient of Bourbon & Banter’s giveaway for a free admission to the event and Christine came along as his designated driver. It was during our first meeting that I learned of their mutual passion for bourbon and Justin’s scouting expeditions for hard to find bourbons when he’s on the road for work.
(That’s his bourbon collection at the top of this post.)

Since Christine was pregnant I had asked her how she was handling not being able to sample any of the 250+ whiskeys being served all around us at the event.

“It’s not easy, that’s for sure,” she said, adding that when the baby was born she’d make up for lost time by making sure that her first glass of bourbon was something special.

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