Crab Orchard Bourbon Ad Circa 1934

Crab Orchard Bourbon Ad Circa 1934

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In celebration of Repeal Day this week, we’re going way back to feature this Crab Orchard Bourbon ad from 1934. Looks like the bourbon distilleries wasted no time in getting their ads back into the market and attacking those that were selling inferior booze due to the boom in sales. (This ad is actually from June of 1934)

I especially like that Crab Orchard is being advertised by The American Medicinal Spirits Company despite the fact that Prohibition is over. I suppose selling whiskey to the thirsty public was more important than changing the name.

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Crab Orchard Bourbon Ad Circa 1934


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    When I was a teen back in the early 70’s, I worked for a farmer who drink Crab Orchard. I have looked for it and have searched the internet but with no luck. What is the story? Did the company go out of business?

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