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Help Wanted: Seeking Bourbon & Booze Evangelists

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Next month Bourbon & Banter will celebrate our 4th anniversary. What started out as a sleepy Facebook page for some work colleagues has grown into a blog and online store with steadily growing readership that has far exceeded anything we could have imagined. While it remains a dedicated passion of ours, we know the blog can’t continue to grow without adding new talent to our team and expanding coverage of the bourbon and booze world. So just as we did over 2.5 years ago we’re putting out another help wanted post seeking out fellow bourbon and booze lovers to become regular contributors to Bourbon & Banter.

That original help wanted post resulted in over 35 people applying to become part of our team. We were overwhelmed by the response and truly felt blessed that so many people wanted to be part of our passion project. In the end we wound up choosing 10 of those applications to become regular contributors. I’m extremely proud that today we still have at least half of them contributing content to Bourbon & Banter in the form of posts, technical support and graphic design.

But now it’s time to expand our team again as we look forward to some exciting additions to Bourbon & Banter in 2016. We can’t share what we’ve got planned yet but we know you’re going to love it.

For now if you’re interested in exploring becoming a contributor, here are the specifics for your consideration.

What: Bourbon & Banter is seeking a volunteer contributors for the Bourbon & Banter website. Volunteers will help shape blog post ideas, write blog posts & provide assistance in sourcing information, graphics, etc. as needed in support of blog posts/content. At this time we’re only seeking volunteers – no paid positions. remains a labor of love at this time. If somehow your contributions lead to explosive overnight growth you can bet your ass you’ll be compensated fairly. I swear on a bottle of bourbon to that fact.

Why: If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past four years it’s that maintaining a blog is a lot of work. Factor in our desire to grow both our readership and the breadth of content we offer and it becomes an even bigger challenge to keep up with everything. New contributors will help make things a bit easier by sharing the workload while also bringing in new opinions, writing styles and content ideas. In the end the blog becomes better as a result of more people contributing as evidenced by what the site has become through the hard work of our existing contributors.

When: We’re looking for contributors right now. Once we receive interest & the required information we’ll make my selection as quickly as possible. Ideally we’ll have everything worked out in time for our 4th anniversary in mid-February.

Who: You must be a resident of planet earth & be 21 years of age or older to become a contributor. (I will ask for proof of age for confirmation if needed.) You must have a clear passion for all things bourbon & booze related. A willingness to drink curious is expected, as is a strong commitment to quality, timeliness & detail. You don’t have to be a professional writer but you do have to be able to put together your thoughts in a manner that won’t create more work for the rest of the team.  And of most importantly, you need to be willing to commit to a regular schedule of blog contribution. While we’re always open to guest bloggers, I’m really looking for folks who want to contribute on a regular basis & become a member of team.

How: Follow these instructions to the letter. Follow us on Twitter via @BourbonBanter. Tweet your interest using the hashtag #bbgig. We’ll note your interest & get in touch with you with additional instructions. Including a good reason you want to join the team in your Tweet wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

That covers the basics for now. As stated earlier in this post we’re pretty excited about having new folks join our team. It’s going to take some work to iron out the details but I know in the end it’s going to be a lot of fun & exciting to see what happens next. Thanks for continuing to be a part of Bourbon & Banter. We look forward to your Tweets.


~ Pops and the Bourbon & Banter Team


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