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I Have A Problem – But It’s Not What You Think

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I have a problem. I know what you’re thinking, but no, it isn’t a drinking problem. In fact, it might be just the opposite.

I have “invested” a lot of effort over the years building my whiskey library. As of this writing, I have 57 Bourbons to enjoy. That doesn’t count my American Ryes, Scotch, Irish and miscellaneous American whiskeys. I know that number because, like any good librarian, I keep an inventory. Some of these bottles have been around for several years, some are fresh faces.

I have bottom-shelf gems, mid-tier, premium, allocated and limited edition Bourbons… My collection hits the whole spectrum. I love it all.

You may think the problem is I’m a hoarder, but that’s not it, either. Most of my bottles make my sipping rotation quite regularly. I don’t have a “bunker” like many hoarders do.

In my opinion, whiskey is meant to be enjoyed, with friends when possible, not stored and hidden away.
In my opinion, whiskey is meant to be enjoyed, with friends when possible, not stored and hidden away. When I’m able to get my hands on something allocated, it is because I want to drink it, not because I’m looking to flip it on the secondary market. I’ve often convinced myself when buying these that I’d save them for a special occasion.

Last year, I acquired a bottle of George T Stagg. I waited and opened that bottle as a toast to my father-in-law earlier this year. When my grandson was born, I opened a Four Roses Private Barrel found at their Coxs Creek gift shop. A few years ago, I visited Willett Distillery and picked up a bottle of nine-year-old Family Estate Bourbon from their gift shop. I opened that to toast becoming a contributor at Bourbon & Banter.

When I cracked open that bottle of Willett, though, I realized I have more special occasion bottles than likely special occasions to open them.

I have several other bottles that remain yet unopened. They’re all slated as drinkers. And, therein lies my problem. Whiskey is meant to be enjoyed, right? So, why do I have those unopened bottles of liquid sunshine? I was excited when I bought them, and I’m still excited when I see them on my shelf.

Life is short. I don’t want to be that person who never got around to opening bottles he longed to get his hands on. This silly wait-for-a-special-occasion attitude changes immediately… I’m opening one of these bad boys right now. Cheers!

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Known throughout Wisconsin (and now the world) as Whiskeyfellow, Jeff was a late-bloomer to the Wonderful World of Whiskey. At the suggestion of his wife, he started with Scotch and was hooked. He was under the impression that he was happy. A friend asked him several times to try Bourbon, and he eventually gave in, only to fall completely in love with it. Those first steps started him on his #DrinkCurious adventure that led him to #RespectTheBottomShelf. Jeff now relishes many types of whiskeys, ranging from the super-affordable to the super-premium and everything in between. Aside from simply sipping and writing about it, Jeff now enjoys spreading the whiskey gospel by hosting educational tasting events. Read Jeff's full profile.


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    Just for the record… if you ever happen to find yourself on the road to North Carolina, you can bring one of those WITH you and I will help you with this problem.

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